Blog: LeBron stars, Heat win Game 2

It took three quarters for LeBron James to get going, but oh
boy, did he get going.

James was instrumental during a game-breaking, 33-5 run late in
the second half, scoring points, dishing out assists, and providing
stellar defense as the Heat tore Game 2 of the NBA Finals open and
routed the Spurs,

The highlight of LeBron’s surge was probably the block of the
year. Tiago Splitter thought he had an easy, soaring slam dunk
midway through the fourth quarter. He was wrong. LeBron did this to

Here is the defining moment, frozen for all time:

(Derick E. Hingle/USA Today Sports Images)

Or wait, maybe the highlight was that AND1 Mixtape dunk LeBron
and Mike Miller teamed up for during the epic game-changing

Here’s a great image of the dunk, with the ball on its way to
another ZIP code:

(Derick E. Hingle/USA Today Sports Images)

Derick E. Hingle. The only other person in the building as hot
as LeBron James.

Whether you prefer offense or defense, LeBron was stellar when
the Heat needed it.

He finished with 17 points, eight rebounds and seven assists
after scoring just four points in the first half. The series is now
tied 1-1 with Game 3 scheduled for Tuesday in San Antonio.

The Splitter block wasn’t LeBron’s only defensive highlight
either. In the first quarter, he swatted Tim Duncan at the rim.
Here’s what that one looked like:

(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports Images)

There was plenty of action and fun to go around in Game 2. Recap
some of the best of the rest below.

Danny Green was the lone highlight for the

Green made five 3-pointers in the game, shot 6-for-6 overall and
finished with 17 points. Here’s the fourth of his five

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker did little to help the cause. They
finished a combined 8-for-27 from the field and totaled just 22

Duncan did, however, throw down just about the angriest slam
dunk you’ll ever see Tim Duncan throw down:

How awesome is Little Birdman?

This fan just wants to be like Chris “Birdman” Andersen. He’s
off to a good start:

(Robert Mayer/USA Today Sports Images)

Shannon Sharpe busted out a pink suit for the

Bold choice. Kinda love it.

The infamous bird-flipping Heat fan was in the

According to’s Gregg Doyel, anyway. This is
supposedly her:

The Heat cheerleaders were doing some funky

Stop copying my workout routine:

(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports Images)

Doris Burke vs. Gregg Popovich scorecard

Good effort from Doris after the first-quarter break, actually
eliciting somewhat serious responses out of the notoriously
tight-lipped Popovich.

Burke: What did you see out there on offense, besides the

Popovich: All I saw was turnovers.

Burke 1, Popovich 0.

UPDATE: Burke gets him again after the half! We don’t have the
visual evidence this time, but her report as the third quarter
began was full of well-reasoned Popovichisms.

Burke 2, Popovich 0.

UPDATE: Final score. Burke 2, Popovich 0.

Don’t worry, Birdman got a jam in, too.

One more courtesy the NBA Twitter feed. Here’s the Birdman with
a second-quarter slam:

We had another extremely low-cut shirt in the

This woman was sitting behind the Heat bench tonight:

The Big Lead)

In Game 1, it was Spurs general manager R.C. Buford getting a
special visitor one row behind him:

Longing for a good starting lineup

The Heat, as usual, got announced to great pomp and
circumstance. The thumping tones of “Seven Nation Army” by the
White Stripes and a loud, excited PA announcer. With all due
respect to him, no one does starting lineups better than Will

Stiff competition on the tube

Spurs and Heat, you were going up against Game of Thrones and
the Tony Awards tonight. Good luck when the ratings come out: