Game 7 blog: LeBron comes up clutch

So, is he still not clutch?

LeBron James stepped up on the biggest stage in the NBA, hitting
a critical jumper with 27 seconds to seal the Heat’s 95-88
win over the Spurs in Game 7 to clinch their
consecutive championship

James, who has been ridiculed for coming up small in big
moments, hit two crucial free throws after the jump shot with 23
seconds left to give the Heat a six-point lead. King James, who
took home his second consecutive Finals MVP, scored 22 points in
the second half, including nine points the in the final quarter,
during his 37-point, 12-rebound effort.

And LeBron was more than willing to give a shout out to his
haters moments after his performance.

With back-to-back titles, the comparisons will crop up once

LeBron even showed off his outside touch in Game 7, hitting 5 of
10 from beyond the arc. The Spurs have been daring LeBron to shoot
from the outside all series, opting to go under screens to keep
James out of the paint. But this strategy backfired big time

This is the second consecutive time LeBron has stepped in an
elimination game. In Game 6, James scored 18 points in the fourth
quarter and overtime to help the Heat force Thursday’s Game
7. Oh, and he secured his fourth triple-double in his Finals

And what did LeBron’s running mate — Dwyane Wade — have to say
after the epic conclusion?


LeBron James rarely fails to amaze. How else can you explain
this ridiculous layup while getting fouled in the second quarter of
a back-and-forth first half?


Tim Duncan has been known for his skills in the post, but what
about his fast-break skills? We got a first-hand look in the first
quarter. Well, at least he completed the move.


With all the alternate jerseys in the NBA, you can’t tell
what’s real or fake. Well, at least we know these were not

But at least they have “Heat” and
“Spurs” across their chest. What is this guy doing?

It definitely got Steph Curry’s attention.


You know it’s a big game when the Commander-in-Chief is excited
for it.

Barack Obama, known for being a huge sports fan and an even
bigger basketball fan, let the world know what he will be doing