Nate Robinson: A global baller

Denver Nuggets guard Nate Robinson is keeping himself busy this summer and it hasn't been all in the US. See how he caught some travelers off guard right here.

Denver Nuggets guard Nate Robinson is already something of an Internet star, and now he has taken his social media skills to the airport, where he crossed up several unwitting fans as he dribbled through the terminal:

I’m not totally sure what airport this was filmed in, but context clues tell me it’s Lisbon. Robinson told a Twitter follower he was in Portugal on a Basketball Without Borders trip and also Instagrammed a photo of himself at the Cristo-Rei statue on Sunday:

It’s also tough to tell whether he is on the way to or from his gate, but I’m guessing he was headed for the plane. According to a later post, Robinson eventually ended up in Amsterdam, wearing the same outfit he had on in the dribbling clip. And he hung out with Method Man, because of course Method Man was in Amsterdam:

Getting back to the video, the vast majority of Robinson’s victims seemed mostly confused by Robinson — except for the one lady who almost stripped him; sign her up. And if I’m guessing, I’d say most of them thought the generously-listed 5-foot-9 dynamo was just some obnoxious kid trolling through the airport.

But really, the fact that no one has any idea what’s going on is what makes the clip so great. Keep it up, Nate, we’re all watching.

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