The Daily Buzz: Wednesday’s coolness

Man, the San Antonio Spurs must be loving this.

They are sitting at home, resting those old bones, while their potential NBA Finals foes duke it out in the Eastern Conference. Almost like someone on their team has a deal with the devil, eh?

OK, back to the East, where the great LeBron James foul-out debate rages on after the Pacers won Game 4, 99-92 and tied the series while James sat helpless on the sideline in the final minute.

But if you ask the Pacers, they’ll tell their newly minted LeBron-stopper was a big reason why. Then they’ll say something like "No wait, don’t print that!"

Speaking of backtracking, police in Florida did just that after initially releasing a statement saying Jacksonville Jaguars star Maurice Jones-Drew had been charged with misdemeanor assault. Now, they say he’s cooperating fully with their investigation into an incident that left a restaurant security guard with a bruised jaw.

And in the NHL, the defending champion Los Angeles Kings kept up their bid for a repeat, edging the San Jose Sharks in Game 7 to reach the Western Conference Finals.

But enough about that, let’s get down to what you’re really here for — intriguing stories you might have missed yesterday:

• Remember Marshall Henderson’s theatrics during March Madness? Heck, who could forget him? Well, the outlandish Ole Miss star now has his eye on helping troubled former child actress Amanda Bynes.

• It wasn’t all bad for LeBron last night. He did have this ridiculous block on George Hill.

• And LeBron and Dwyane Wade also made a touching tribute to a 10-year-old girl back in Florida who lost a six-year battle against cancer earlier in the day.

• Late Pistons owner William Davidson — worth some $3 billion when he died in 2009 — is the subject of a family legal squabble as his widow and son face off against his daughter from a previous marriage and her husband over control of his charitable foundation.

• Les Miles is down with a more fair way to determine a college football champion. Then again, he eats grass.

• Buck Showalter and his Baltimore Orioles spent some time with wounded veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Tuesday. Yes, Memorial Day was Monday, but guess what — we should be paying our respects every single day.

• Marc Staal’s still recovering from the effects of a puck to the eye a few months back. And while he says he doesn’t intend to stop playing, he doubts the eye will ever be 100 percent again.

• UConn baseball coach Jim Penders is working to get his team focused on the NCAA Tournament that begins Friday. But first a few tests to see if he can donate part of his liver to help an old teammate get a new lease on life.

• So what does a Louisville columnist think of this whole Julie Hermann fiasco at Rutgers?

• Jim Brown is a part of the Cleveland Browns again — where he belongs.

• Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan had some serious karma on his side. Who says nice guys finish last?

• A mash-up of Blackhawks-Red Wings Game 7 storylines and Rolling Stones videos? Sure, why not?

• Kobe Bryant has some downtime this offseason, which means it’s time for some fresh ink.

• And finally, Colorado AD Mike Bohn appears to have been forced out after eight years. The move seems pretty odd, given he was rewarded with a five-year extension just two years ago.