Local mayor, sports advisor look to purchase Clippers

On the heels of Donald Sterling's

The Clippers arrived to the City of Los Angeles in 1984.

Robert Hanashiro / USA TODAY Sports

A new group with interest in acquiring the Los Angeles Clippers has emerged.

Mayor Chris Brown of the City of Hawthorne, California and sports advisor Rob London have decided to assemble a group with the intent to acquire the franchise, FOXSports.com has learned.

As NBA commissioner Adam Silver permanently banned owner Donald Sterling from the Clippers, the door has been opened for other interested parties to make an offer. 

“Rob London is considered to be amongst the best and brightest in the sports environment in terms of operations and negotiating,” Brown said.

London, who has worked with NFL players such as Maurice Jones-Drew, Matt Forte and Tyrod Taylor, is well known in business, law and the sports industry.

“I am very enthused that mayor Chris Brown had the foresight to utilize my expertise,” London said. “Currently, we are in discussions with qualified individuals, should the franchise be made available for purchase.  United as seasoned executives in our respective fields, we possess the requisite acumen, expertise, and passion to make a progressive change within the culture of the Clippers organization.

“The Los Angeles Clippers deserve to have an entity represent them to the fullest extent that validates the diversity of the team, the city of Los Angeles and its great fans.”

Celebrities such as Oscar De La Hoya, Oprah, Floyd Mayweather and Frankie Muniz have expressed interest in purchasing the team.

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