LeBron talks to virtual self in weird ad

It could be that talking to a digital avatar of yourself on the Internet is something the Millennial Generation intuitively understands. Certainly the concept of an avatar that isn’t really you requires no leap of the imagination, but that doesn’t make it any less awkward for anybody.

Take, for example, LeBron James — King of the NBA and famous Millennial. In conjunction with a reveal of Sony’s new gaming system, the PlayStation 4, the NBA 2K video game franchise — which just made LeBron its new cover boy — released a video of James having a conversation with Video Game James, and it was just weird, as you can see in the video above.

LeBron has a way of seeming a little bit like he’s acting at all times, anyway. And seeing him actually acting (some might say over-acting) just to convince the audience that they are watching the real LeBron James, whether he is made of pixels or flesh and blood, was enough to bend up reality like a clothes hanger.

"I’m you," Video Game James says, "but digital."

After Tuesday’s night’s Game 3 performance, maybe he can teach himself some pointers while he’s at it.

Regardless, here’s hoping for a Video Game Scalabrine next.