NBA Finals Game 3 blog

LeBron and the Heat better bring it in Game 4, ’cause the Spurs
owned Game 3 — or Game 3-pointer, really.

The Spurs had all the momentum since halftime and blew it open
with a record night from beyond the arc, while LeBron struggled to
15 points on 7-for-21 shooting as the

Spurs buried the Heat, 113-77 on Tuesday.

”Honestly, I just have to play better,” James said. ”I can’t
have a performance like tonight and expect to win.”

“We got what we deserved,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said after
watching his team fall in a 2-1 hole. ”I didn’t even recognize the
team that was out there tonight.”

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The Spurs turned it into

a shooting contest between Danny Green and Gary Neal

— yeah, that’s right — as Green scored 27 and Neal had
24. Green has hit 12 straight 3’s dating to Game 2 while Neal had
six treys, giving San Antonio a Finals-record 16 makes from beyond
the arc in Game 3.

Seriously. Danny Green, who used to be one of LeBron’s
not-good-enough-for-me Cavs teammates, is

outscoring the King in the Finals
. Maybe

Digital LeBron
can do better.

”All of my teammates and Pop. They do a great job of
encouraging me. They continue to tell me to shoot the ball. They
continue to tell me whenever I’m open, to let it fly,” Green said.

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The Spurs capped the first half in thrilling fashion: Green
blocked LeBron, and in 3 seconds Tony Parker pushed the ball to
Neal for a buzzer-beating 3 and a 50-44 lead that they never




”They came out in the third quarter and they kicked our butt
pretty good and frustration started to set in,” Dwyane Wade said.
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Wade’s postgame perspective
, and

what Chris Bosh had to say
… or just listen to this

Tim Duncan was dunkin’, with 12 and 14 on the night, and even
giving lap dances.

Hear what he had to say on the win

The Spurs’ Big 3 had only 25 points, but that’s because everyone
was dunkin’ on the Heat: Manu Ginobili had a couple, Kawhi Leonard,
even Tiago Splitter had one.

Yeah, THAT Tiago Splitter.

They bought plenty of rest for Parker, who spent most of the
second half on the bench with a sore leg.

He’s getting an MRI on Wednesday

Wade still is struggling, finishing with just 16 points after
getting eight first-quarter points. The Heat’s Big 3 had just 43
points, while Mike Miller kept them in it for a while, going 5 for
5 on 3’s to give him eight straight makes from beyond the arc.

But the way the rest of the Heat played, even these ladies could
beat ’em. Watch out for Doris; she’s got a mean handle.

The only thing worse than the Heat’s 40 percent shooting was
looking at Ray Allen’s shoes.

How bad was it? There was even a Tracy McGrady sighting.




Game 4 is Thursday in San Antonio, where the Heat are 3-22 in
the regular season and so far zero wins and one really bad beating
in the postseason. LeBron better turn up the Imagine Dragons on his



Even the national anthem was an indication the Spurs got this.
El Charro De Oro, Sebastien De la Cruz, the 10-year-old mariachi
star, did the damn thang. And his outfit was way better than
anything D-Wade has rocked:

Does D-Wade’s “geek chic” outfit scream “put this series in a
headlock” to you? Not a real confident ensemble.


Not saying we wish the games still were in South Beach, but

Hey, nothing but love for San Antonio and its fans. Check out
this guy who turned his house into a Spurs shrine.

Even Tommy Lee Jones was in the house, and it looks like he
found Waldo.

Good stuff, San Antonio. We’re not missing Miami at all.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.