Lakers fans love chances in Finals

If Los Angeles Lakers fans are ever unfairly labeled as

frontrunners, bandwagoners, or clueless Hollywood types … well,

they can blame Jimmy Kimmel and his latest segment of “Lie Witness

News.” The

Jimmy Kimmel Live reporter stood outside the show’s studio

and asked self-identified Lakers fans how they were feeling about

Los Angeles’ chances in the NBA Finals.

Absolute hilarity ensues, and it goes to demonstrate just how

far individuals will go to appear that they are “in the know.” If

you think that the Lakers have a good chance of winning the Stanley

Cup this year (which one interviewee does), you probably should not

be answering any questions about sports. Like, ever. Unless you

want to be the idiot that says, “Any team can be eliminated and

come back, as long as they get their act together.”

Now, these clearly aren’t die-hard members of the Purple and

Gold faithful, but it just goes to show how much people will

pretend to know if it gets them a few seconds on camera. Advice: if

anybody ever asks you to be interviewed for a segment on

Jimmy Kimmel Live, you should politely decline the offer,

and sprint away in the opposite direction.