Malone snubs Jordan for Pippen?

Karl Malone and Michael Jordan were teammates on the 1992 Dream
Team, both are Hall of Famers considered to be among the best to
ever play in the NBA, and Jordan’s Chicago Bulls bested
Malone’s Utah Jazz in not one, but two NBA Finals in the

So one would think there is probably a degree of mutual respect
between the two greats.

But in an interview Tuesday, the Mailman snubbed His Airness,
leaving him out when asked by Dan Patrick about which basketball
greats he would include in his all-time starting five —
instead opting to go with longtime Jazz teammate John Stockton,
Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain, LeBron James and Jordan’s Bulls
sidekick Scottie Pippen.

The snub of Jordan, considered by many to be the greatest player
of all time, came as a shock, of course — but it probably
shouldn’t have been
that surprising, given that Malone
said the same thing last year when asked the
same question.

This time, Malone defended his selection by noting that,
“Scottie Pippen led the team in every statistical category
when he was there without Michael Jordan,” which is like
saying sausage is the best breakfast side dish when there’s
no bacon in the fridge.

In any case, Malone seemed to have changed his tune by Wednesday
morning, when he backtracked on his statements, both
on SportsCenter and via a pair of tweets sent
out from his account:



But knowing Jordan, who is one of the most competitive men the
sports world has ever seen, it’ll take more than a public mea
culpa to make him forget what Malone originally said, and
he’ll surely get him back eventually.

But in the meantime, he’ll be busy somewhere
counting his rings.