What’s up with Bieber’s outift?











Heat diehard fan Justin
Bieber was at American Airlines Arena last night, where he sat
courtside — and was
not kicked out — as the Heat bludgeoned
the Indiana Pacers in Game 7 to move onto the NBA Finals.

Virtually everything about the frontrunning music star’s
ensemble begged to be ridiculed, from the leather baseball jersey
he was most definitely sweating in, to the (
comparatively modest) gold chains hanging from
his neck, to the sunglasses he wore at night (presumably, so he
could see the light that’s right before his eyes) to the big
scary kitty cat tattoo.

But it was Bieber’s hat that really stole the show —
and my, was it quite a hat:

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

The denim, acid-washed number reportedly has a brim made of a
combination of
leather and python skin, which sounds like
something Charlie Sheen would make up, but it isn’t. The
strap on the back is made of the same material, and the whole cap
will run you $450 and is apparently made by the
same designer who created Kevin Durant’s
awesome Seattle Supersonics hat earlier in the

It also, apparently, renders the wearer completely incapable of
tilting his head backward, as evidenced by this classic Bieber
water bottle-drinking gif. (But then again, I wouldn’t want
my $450 hat to fall off, either.):

There’s no telling whether Bieber turns up at any of the
Finals games, starting with Game 1 on Thursday in Miami. But if he
chooses to make a stop in San Antonio, I’d recommend going
this hat, along with maybe a fur coat and a
pair of moon shoes. (At this point, he’s got a reputation to
live up to.)

As for who lifts the Larry O’Brien Trophy at the end of
the series? That doesn’t really matter. Because if
we’ve learned anything, it’s that —
regardless of the sport — Bieber is
always rooting for whoever’s winning.