Jared Sullinger tricks Grizzlies with sly pump-fake at free throw line

Technically, it's legal.

Boston Celtics forward center Jared Sullinger (7) reacts to being called on a foul.

The NBA rulebook concludes that a player at the line "shall not purposely fake a free throw attempt," which seems pretty straightforward.

Jared Sullinger, however, seems to have found a way to muddy this line without crossing it. In the first quarter of Wednesday night's game against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Boston Celtics big man added a weird kink to his free throw routine that screwed everyone up.

Moleman (h/t SB Nation's Hector Diaz) posted a Vine of Sullinger going about his business at the line. With one quick extension of his, he had Matt Barnes and Ryan Hollins falling into the lane.

Now, this seems like solid, borderline gamesmanship. Sullinger never raises the ball above his shoulders and executes the jab within the typical beats of a pre-free throw routine. He does just enough to make it weird, and just too little to get called for it.

Touche, sir.


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