The Daily Buzz: Monday, July 1

As NBA free agency kicks off, we look back at some intriguing stories from the weekend you might have missed.

The floodgates have opened on NBA free agency, with rumors and analysis aplenty about where some of the top available players might end up.

Chris Paul has reportedly decided to stay put with the Clippers, but another LA star, Dwight Howard, already has several suitors who are battling for his services. (We’ve even seen chicken fingers get involved.)

Elsewhere, the Knicks reportedly traded for Andrea Bargnani, the Mavs and Celtics discussed a Rajon Rondo trade and the Nets are showing interest in Jason Collins.

On the ice, the Avs took Nathan MacKinnon with the first pick in Sunday’s NHL Draft, while Popeye Jones’ son became the highest-drafted black player in NHL history at No. 4 and Donovan McNabb’s nephew went to the Oilers at No. 7.

As for the rest of the news, here’s some of what you may have missed this weekend:

• Belgian diplomat and family booted from golf club because his wife was breastfeeding their baby.

• Ira Hawkins worked as a Dodger Stadium usher from 1958 until his death in June.

• 'Bare Knuckle Babe' catches monster catfish.

• Phil Jackson has plans for Dwight Howard:



An intense read on Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd.

• Meanwhile, Odin Lloyd's teammates returned to the field after the loss of their teammate.

• This guy is a fan:



• Just what the Philadelphia Eagles want — association with a player in a seized dog case.

• A stuck bus marred the first stage of the Tour de France.

• And then a dog almost caused a massive pileup during the second stage:

• Ex-scout: Dez Bryant "had the worst background I had ever seen" heading into NFL Draft.

• Who, exactly is Cavs No. 1 pick Anthony Bennett?

• Benny the Bull stood up for gay rights at Chicago's Pride Parade:

• The Oklahoma City Thunder picked up 4 million new fans at the draft.

• Jeff Mathis hit a walk-off grand slam for the Marlins:

Dirk Nowitzki: celebrity softball star?

• Once changing history, Reggie McAfee now changes lives.

• When should little Georgia Bulldogs fans attend their first game at Sanford Stadium?

• The Pittsburgh Pirates Parrot took a tumble trying to haul in a foul ball:

• The LSU athletic budget has more than doubled in the last decade.

• A pitcher made the Mariners' last out in an AL home game.

• Here is Osi Umenyiora riding a camel:



• Anthony Gregg wins $4.8 million at card table, can't wait for next game.

• David Luiz made an amazing defensive play to save a goal against Spain in the Confederations Cup:

• Could Tyrann Mathieu, once again, be the Honey Badger?

• Janet Evans' 25-year-old mark in the 1,500-meter freestyle was broken this weekend.

• The Anaheim Ducks were hatched 20 years ago.

• Martin Brodeur announced his son’s selection at the NHL Draft:

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