Buzz: Rap ambassadors for everyone

We like the Raptors officially hiring the Toronto native to give them some street cred so much, we decided to help every team in the league find its very own hip-hop mouthpiece.

The Toronto Raptors on Monday announced that rapper Drake would be joining the team as a global ambassador.

A Toronto native, Drake will bring a sense of swag to the Raptors that has been missing for quite some time, and in the process, he’ll also help redesign their uniforms — though, if he really had any sense about him, he’d be looking to change the name altogether.

Regardless, I think it’s a swell idea — akin to the Nets’ former partnership with Jay-Z — and it’s a lead other NBA teams should follow. But the task of deciding which rapper should serve as each team’s ambassador is a challenge, and teams have things like training camp to worry about right now.

Fortunately, I’m here to help with a suggestion for which rapper would make the ambassador for each team in the league:


Miami Heat: Flo Rida gets the nod, narrowly beating out Rick Ross and Uncle Luke, but don’t think we won’t change our minds in a heartbeat if his posse keeps getting kicked out of games . . .

Brooklyn Nets: Jay-Z

New York Knicks: Nas

Indiana Pacers: Mike Epps, who is already cool with George Hill . . .

Chicago Bulls: Kanye West

Atlanta Hawks: Outkast

Boston Celtics: Marky Mark . . .

Milwaukee Bucks: Coo Coo Cal

Philadelphia 76ers: The Roots

Toronto Raptors: Drake

Detroit Pistons: Eminem, but be careful how often you let him in front of a TV camera:

Washington Wizards: Wale

Cleveland Cavaliers: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Charlotte Bobcats: Petey Pablo, but keep your shirt on, please.

Orlando Magic: Dangeruss, the inspiration behind James Franco’s character in Spring Breakers:


Oklahoma City Thunder: Josh Sallee, who already has Kevin Durant’s vote . . .

Los Angeles Clippers: Kendrick Lamar

Memphis Grizzlies: Three 6 Mafia

San Antonio Spurs: Tony Parker. He’s going to need something to go back to once his hoops career is over . . .

Golden State Warriors: Digital Underground

Los Angeles Lakers: Ice Cube, who was not a fan at all of Dwight Howard leaving this offseason. Plus, with him in the front office, every day will be a good day.

Denver Nuggets: Peyton Manning . . .

Dallas Mavericks: Cowboy Troy

Houston Rockets: Slim Thug, who already seems to fancy himself a great NBA ambassador for the city

Utah Jazz: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir? DJ Jazzy Jeff? OK, fine, Delirious Miles . . .

Portland Trail Blazers: Macklemore, but he goes straight to the Sonics once they return to Seattle

Minnesota Timberwolves: Atmosphere

Phoenix Suns: Riff Raff. The guy drops Dan Majerle references into his songs, I don’t know what more you could ask . . .

New Orleans Pelicans: Lil’ Wayne

Sacramento Kings: Shaq

Got a better suggestion? Leave it in the comments.

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