Stern knows where ‘bodies are buried’

Every year before the NBA Finals tip off, the commissioner holds
a news conference where he addresses the hundreds of media in
attendance, and usually they’re unremarkable affairs.

But this year happens to be David Stern’s last full year
as NBA commish — he’ll be stepping down in February
2014 after 30 years on the job — so his final Finals news
conference was a little more noteworthy than usual.

Over the course of the event, Stern reflected on his legacy as
commissioner, discussed replay and flopping, and defended the new
CBA, among other things (you can
read the whole thing here if you really want

But the question — and answer — that had everyone
buzzing was a little more scandalous:

The comment in question dates back to the 2011 All-Star Game in
Los Angeles, when Stern, during his annual address to executives
and players in attendance,
infamously and angrily remarked that he knew
where “the bodies are buried” in the NBA, because he
buried them himself.

Most assumed then, as they do now, that Stern was speaking
colloquially … but when it comes to Stern, can you ever really be