Milicic has new calling: carp fishing

Darko Milicic’s roller coaster 10-year NBA career came to a close last November when he was released by the Celtics after playing in just one preseason game. Milicic had requested a release to return to Europe to be with his ailing mother, and the man who was drafted No. 2 behind LeBron James hasn’t seen the spotlight since his departure from the C’s.

However, the folks over at Yahoo! Sports’ Ball Don’t Lie found Milicic, and it’s not doing what you might think. Taking a step further with what was once a hobby for Milicic, the 7-footer was spotted on the list of participants for this year’s World Carp Classic, an annual fishing tournament being held on Lake Bolsena in central Italy.

Milicic discussed his love of Carp fishing during his NBA career, so perhaps the 28-year-old has found his true calling after more than a decade of trying the basketball thing.