The Daily Buzz: Friday, June 7

The Spurs stormed into Miami and
a 1-0 series lead
in the NBA Finals Thursday night, putting
them three games away from
, but they weren’t the only big story in sports on

On the ice, the Blackhawks
within one win
of a Stanley Cup Finals berth, and in baseball,
a Stanford star pitcher
first overall to the Astros
in the MLB draft.

Justin Gatlin
Usain Bolt
in the 100 meter dash in Rome, George Karl
the boot in Denver
after guiding the Nuggets to a franchise
record in wins and earning Coach of the Year honors, and Justin
had us talking
(but fortunately,
he’s going to space).

As for everything else, here’s some of what you may have

• Mike Miller got his face stepped on:

• One of the top picks in this year’s MLB draft has a
head start in using wooden bats.

• You may recognize this
former child actor who is now a four-star
defensive back recruit.

• The Angels forced a fan to
remove a paper bag from his head as a
“security measure.”

• Might we some day see
Senator Al Leiter?

• An IndyCar driver
was fined after giving a fellow racer this
two-finger salute during a race:

• Go read this
outstanding longform profile of Montaous
Walton, who faked being an MLB prospect and fooled just about
everyone — including the media and an agent — for

• While you’re at it, go
check out Wright Thompson’s piece on racism in
soccer in Italy and around the world, too.

• Contrary to popular belief, Bill Belichick
does not hate Tim Tebow — or so he

• What ever happened to the “walk the dog” and
the “sleeper”…?

• Is it time to
abolish the MLB Draft?

• Mets PR maven Jay Horowitz has
done everything humanly possible to prepare
stud prospect Zack Wheeler for life in New York — and in the

• Yasiel Puig’s star just
keeps on getting brighter.

• Johnny Football
makes his country debut. Watch

• I’m almost 100 percent sure this is just an ad
meant to go viral, but it’s worth watching regardless:

• Despite her messy divorce from Tony Parker, Eva Longoria
still in the Spurs’ corner.

• Roger Staubach would like to see
more no-huddle offense with Tony Romo.

• Josh Brent reportedly
tested positive for marijuana as he awaits
trial over a drunk driving crash that killed a Cowboys

• A NASCAR truck star
lends a much-needed hand in tornado-devastated
Moore, Okla.

• 6-foot-1 over two 6-foot-8 guys…
this is how you win a dunk contest:

• Come
get your commemorative bricks for the College
Football Hall of Fame.

Run the Boston marathon on a treadmill?

• From the vault, here’s
drunk Vince Coleman celebrating after the
Cardinals clinched their division in 1987:

• Freedom Child is the horse
creating all the buzz at Belmont this

• One CFL rookie plays on after a
near-death experience in high school.

• Repeat concussions led an NHL player to
retire from the game.

• This Staten Island family will
bowl you over.

• There will be
special security measures in place at next
week’s U.S. Open.

• For the squash fans out there, here’s a player
fooling his opponent with not one, but two fakes: