Sager photobombs Will, Jaden Smith

You can’t miss him when you’re watching NBA games.
How could you when he insists on wearing those loud suits?

Well, NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager was at it again
Wednesday night. Yes, he was decked out in another outrageous
ensemble but that wasn’t enough for Sager.

So Sager decided to photobomb Will Smith and his son Jaden
during the Bulls-Heat game. So check out Sager trying to get some
more camera time.

Just in case you didn’t get a good look at Sager’s latest
Sager’s latest abomination. This pink-and-purple plaid jacket with
a pink tie and a light-pink shirt (Did we mention he was wearing

But this is par for the course for Sager. Let’s take a look at
some of his other doozies, shall we. It’s poetic that he’s
interview Dwyane Wade, who has been known to show up in
an interesting suit from time to time.

Here we have a jacket that must have been inspired by orange
sherbet and a shirt to match. Craig really turned up the volume on
that tie, too.

Next up is another plaid coat that seems so outrageous that
Kevin Durant can’t even look at Sager in the eye.

Sager shows he can pull off blue in this next one. But what kind
of fabric is that? It’s
definitely not velvet.

Sager returns to his comfort zone for this last one, opting for
the pink jacket and purple pants with a tie that defies