Craig Sager reveals the one person who made him change clothes during a game

Randy Belice / AP

Craig Sager appeared on HBO's "Real Sports" on Tuesday night to discuss his fight against leukemia, which is no longer in remission and according to doctors could leave him with only months to live.

However, Craig hasn't lost his fighting spirit. He'll continue to cover the NCAA tournament and the NBA playoffs for TNT and TBS, and the sports world is rallying behind him.

"I think we're gonna make medical history," Sager said of his new cancer treatments.

He also hasn't lost his since of humor, which was on display when Sager gave "Real Sports" host Bernard Goldberg a tour of his closet.

"How do you make a decision, Craig?" Goldberg asked while thumbing through his collection of gaudy suit coats. "'Am I gonna dress like a lemon or am I gonna dress like a tablecloth?'"

The highlight was a "double-silk" Versace coat that Sager said was too flashy, literally, for former NBA commissioner David Stern.

"David Stern made me change clothes two hours into the All-Star (Game)," Sager said, after Stern ordered TNT to "Get Sager off the air or make him change clothes."


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