Kevin Love and Kelly Olynyk both suffer shoulder injuries on the same night

Folks were tweeting about karma when the Boston Celtics' Kelly Olynyk suffered a shoulder injury on Wednesday. That's because Olynyk was the guy who got locked up with the Cleveland Cavaliers' Kevin Love during the playoffs last season and separated Love's shoulder, knocking him out for the postseason.

Except it was even weirder than that, because Olynyk's injury happened on the same night -- at about the same point in the game -- that Love hurt his left shoulder again.

Near halftime of the Cavs' victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, Love left the court and headed straight into the locker room, his left arm dangling. Love told reporters he had jammed it while making a move against Kobe Bryant.

The club said Love had suffered a shoulder contusion. General Manager David Griffin told ESPN that he's hopeful Love won't miss any games.

Love said he felt a shooting pain, "like fire was running down my arm," but said that it was "just a stinger" and that he felt fine (see video above).

Olynyk was injured when he was fouled by the Los Angeles Clippers' DeAndre Jordan near the end of the second quarter. The Celtics said Olynyk suferred a subluxation, or partial dislocation, of his right shoulder. However, he also seems unlikely to miss any time. Love and Olynyk will have over a week to heal because both clubs are now off for the All-Star break.

Still, Twitter couldn't help talking about not-so-instant karma.

We don't know about any karma, but surely some people -- Alanis Morrissette, perhaps? -- would see irony in that Olynyk and Love hurt their shoulders on the same night. We'll just call it what it actually was -- quite the coincidence.


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