Did Phil Jackson just jab Dwight?

Did Phil Jackson just take a Twitter jab at Dwight Howard? You be the judge.

Phil Jackson has not been officially involved with the Lakers for a few years, but his name was constantly being mentioned by fans of the team during Dwight Howard's brief stint in Los Angeles.

Jackson was a rumored candidate to replace Mike Brown as head coach after Brown was fired just a few games into the 2012-13 NBA season, but he was eventually passed over by Lakers executive vice president Jim Buss in favor of Mike D'Antoni.

As the Lakers struggled throughout this past season, however, fans clamoring for Jackson to take over grew increasingly loud. When Dwight Howard chose to sign a deal with the Houston Rockets rather than the Lakers, Dwight said this about Jackson: "Well, I asked to have him as a coach earlier in the year ..."

So, what did Phil have to say about Dwight's decision?

It is safe to say that Phil Jackson knows that the Astros are a baseball team and that Dwight Howard is not pulling a Jordan to join the Major Leagues. So this is either a typo or a subtle jab — the Astros are currently the worst team in baseball.

We're leaning toward "jab" due to Phil having the savvy to start off his time on Twitter with this unforgettable debut tweet:

Was this a simple misspelling? Of course not. He followed his "typo" up with this video:

What do you think? Typo or jab?

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