Chris Paul, Bill Clinton hit the links

Chris Paul hasn’t been busy playing basketball lately, since his Los Angeles Clippers were eliminated by the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

It’s also too early for him to start doing anything about his pending free agency — though that hasn't stopped other teams from getting their hopes up about the prospect of landing the star point guard this summer (and possibly tampering in the process).

Really, other than being angry at Donald Sterling for implying that he had something to do with Vinny Del Negro’s firing, there isn’t much at all for Paul to do to keep himself busy.

So it seems he’s started filling the void by playing a little golf — and, being who he is, CP3 gets to play with pretty much anyone he wants. For example, on Thursday he partnered up with Bill Clinton:

Are the hideous red pants a sign? Is he leaning toward staying with the Clippers? Or is it an indication that the Hawks’ tampering is actually working? Maybe he just has bad taste in fashion. (After all, neither he nor Clinton appear to be wearing golf shoes in this Instagram photo from the outing.)

Paul’s golf escapades don’t end with former presidents, however. In May, CP3 hit the course with Tiger Woods and Kid Rock at the Tiger Jam charity event in Las Vegas. (Kudos to Paul for not wearing cargo shorts like his playing partners.)

Paul is hardly new to the sport, though. He’s played in several pro-ams over the years — including one at the Wyndham Championship after winning a gold medal in London last summer — and his foundation puts on its own annual golf outing. This year's tournament is July 7 in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Maybe he’ll have settled on a team by then.

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