CHAT TRANSCRIPT: Jerry Stackhouse on All-star snub, Pistons' 2nd half chances

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Jerry Stackhouse chatted on February 6 about his All-Star omission and the Pistons' playoff chances this season. Fans learned all about the Detroit guard's charity involvement, appearance on MTV Cribs and much more. Events_Moderator: Hi Jerry, welcome to Lycos Live Events! What's up? jerry_stackhouse: What's up? Events_Moderator: What was your initial reaction after hearing that you didn't make the All-Star Team? What are your thoughts on the guys that were selected instead of you? jerry_stackhouse: I was a little disappointed, but not too much because I knew with Paul Pierce and Jason Kidd playing so well — plus Michael Jordan being in the picture this year — that there was a chance someone who deserved it may not make the team. Unfortunately, it was me! sassysteve: Jerry, I have a question — Where did you get that three-point shot? jerry_stackhouse: I've gotten better at the three-point shot over my career but it's still something that I look to improve on. sllentb0b: Hey, Jerry. Doug Randle here from Linden, Michigan, just south of Flint, Michigan. Could the Pistons get your ex-teammate Rasheed Wallace from Portland? Are there trade talks or anything of that nature to suggest that? jerry_stackhouse: I definitely would love to have Rasheed on this team, but I think its almost impossible for us to get him without me being a part of the deal. rhino_rulz: What do you think of the downfall of UNC hoops? jerry_stackhouse: It hurts, but I know we'll be back. We have a big recruiting class coming in next year, so I think that will make us better. Events_Moderator: How are things going with your website, jerry_stackhouse: The website is doing great. I just had a friend of mine who brought it to my attention and we wanted to do something to give back to the fans. We thought that would be a perfect opportunity for the fans to log on and have some interaction with them. textrey: Hey, Jerry! Why is North Carolina struggling this season? jerry_stackhouse: I don't think they have any real star quality players. This is probably the first year in a while that we may not have a guy get drafted and that's unheard of for a Carolina team. schwartzra: Your assists are up this year... Was that a conscious effort on your part? jerry_stackhouse: No, I just want to make sure we move the ball and everybody has an opportunity to score. Fortunately, guys on our team are making shots. sassysteve: My boyfriend is your biggest fan. He's a sports fan who totally idolizes and looks up to you for the great work that you do in the community and also the great game that you have... jerry_stackhouse: Well, thank you! I really feel like I'm a part of this community. I've been here almost six years now, so it's definitely my home. I try to give back not only by entertaining with my basketball skills, but with my time and effort in the community, too. Events_Moderator: Is it true that you provided dinners for 100 homeless people in your hometown last Thanksgiving? Why are you so involved in giving back to the community and what are some of the biggest charities you work with? jerry_stackhouse: The biggest charities that I work with are the American Diabetes Association, the Boys & Girls Club of America and the Read to Achieve program in the Detroit Public Schools. I feel like I got so much from the programs and camps when I was younger, so I feel like that's my way of giving back to something that I got so much from — especially in my hometown and the cities that I've played in. sassysteve: What kinds of things do you do to stay so true to the game and still have a great deal of heart for it? jerry_stackhouse: I just play hard. That's the only way I know how to play — to go out and compete. A lot of times the drive also comes from individual matchups in the game. I just love the feeling of winning, and once you've had that, you just want it to continue. jasonm: What are your thoughts on the way officials handle/treat Shaq? Is he fouled on every play (like Lakers fans insist) or should the LA center be called for an offensive foul on practically each possession (like opposing teams suggest)? jerry_stackhouse: Well, I don't have a lot of sympathy for Shaq. (laughs) He's the most dominant guy in the league and there are a lot of smaller guys getting beat up just as much as Shaq is. jmbelly: Jerry, if you could put a team of 5 together (including yourself) who would you pick? jerry_stackhouse: Jason Kidd, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant. hockey671_1: Hey, Stack — I am a big fan of yours. You guys have had a great season so far. What do you see for the future of the Pistons? jerry_stackhouse: I think that we got off to a great start and we're just looking forward to getting some rest during the break and finishing up strong during the second half of the season. schwartzra: What do you think of Zeljko Rebraca's haircut? Is he trying to be Eminem or what? jerry_stackhouse: (laughs) No, Z's had that hair style a long time and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know who Eminem is! Events_Moderator: I heard that you left Fila and signed with Nike.... Do you have any new shoes coming out soon? jerry_stackhouse: Well, I have a shoe that's not a signature shoe. I have a shoe that I wear that nobody else is wearing and I should get this month. Right now the only way you can get them is if I give them to you! t_seeley: Do other players give you a hard time because of how poorly North Carolina is playing this season? jerry_stackhouse: Oh yeah, I'm getting killed by everybody right now. No sympathy whatsoever! sllentb0b: Jerry what is the status of Rodney White? Will he see some playing time> I believe the kid's got potential ... jerry_stackhouse: Yeah, Rodney is going to play. He's just learning a lot right now and we're a team that can't afford a lot of errors. That's why he hasn't played much this season, but he's going to be a big part of our future. livisfreeman: Is it true that you recorded a music album? jerry_stackhouse: Not an album, but I do have a studio at home that I work out of just to do some tracks and write some songs and things like that. I may put some stuff on my website when I get it right. I'll let them test it out. jasonm: What do you think of the NBA's new TV deal and the league's future? jerry_stackhouse: It seems like the future is kind of uncertain, since we don't know exactly what the numbers are right now. Basketball is at an all-time high right now, though, and I think we're going to continue to benefit from that. sassysteve: I'm in the process of a college comeback and I was wondering what kinds of things I could do to strengthen my knees back up again. They became bad when I got nailed by a powerful forward, but no matter what happens I always go out and play the game hard and give nothing less than that jerry_stackhouse: I think you just have to continue to play hard. Injuries are a part of the game and you just have to try to overcome them the best you can with your heart and desire. mroblaz2: Hey Jerry — What was the best game you've ever played in? Was it that Duke-UNC classic in '95? jerry_stackhouse: I think that was one of the best games ever with the double overtime and the college kids making play after play after play. There are always good games in the pros — not one just sticks out in my mind right now, but maybe the first time I beat Michael Jordan's Bulls! schwartzra: Do you still own that clothing shop down in Chapel Hill? How's it doing? jerry_stackhouse: No, I closed it down. Bad location.
Mark Cuban joined The Best Damn Sports Show's Tom Arnold to dish out some soft serve goodness at a Texas Dairy Queen. Did you catch Cuban's antics?

  • jasonm: What do you think of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's antics? Is he a breath of fresh air for the league or just an attention-starved nutcase? jerry_stackhouse: I think he's great for the league. Mark keeps things going and it's fun to have an owner who's just a really young guy and probably kind of has the same personality and thoughts of some of the players. Events_Moderator: I heard you're going to be showing your house on TV tonight on MTV's Cribs at 10PM ET/7PM PT. Is that true? If so, give us a preview of what we'll see... jerry_stackhouse: Yes, it's true. I'll be on MTV Cribs tonight. I'm just having some fun around the house showing some of my toys. I hope everybody enjoys it. My favorite toy in my house is my studio. mfsboss: Did you play basketball a lot when you were a kid? jerry_stackhouse: I played basketball almost every day because that was the one thing we had all the time as long as I can remember. We always had a basketball rim at my house. You could never really say you were bored because you could always go outside and shoot some hoops. sllentb0b: Jerry, I had a question pertaining to the future of the Pistons. No one can predict the future, but how close do you think Dumars and the Pistons organization are to winning the gold at the end of the rainbow? jerry_stackhouse: No one knows. I think that's the beauty of this whole thing, though. That's why you play the game because you never know who's going to win. I can say that in a year or two years we hope things will fall into place, but hopefully it will happen for us this year. I guess that's the beauty of the whole situation. hockey671_1: What do you think of Rebraca? Do you think he'll be one of the star centers? jerry_stackhouse: He has a chance to be good. Rebraca was a veteran player in Europe, but in the NBA he's a rookie. He still has a lot to learn about the NBA, but he's definitely talented. schwartzra: Do you wonder what could've been if you would've had Allen Iverson as a backcourt mate right now? jerry_stackhouse: We both have a scoring personality so I think the best situation for us is to be on different teams. sllentb0b: If you had to say that one thing or many things influenced your life, what was it and why? jerry_stackhouse: My family. I was the youngest of 11 so everything that we did was based around a large group of family. That's probably influenced my life more than anything. I've always been a giver and that comes from having to share when you've got a lot of people around. sassysteve: What's your opinion on sports journalists? jerry_stackhouse: I really have no opinion on sports journalists. No one is ever in the situation — it's always obtained from the outside looking in, so you never know how accurate it is. livisfreeman: Your Tar Heels are playing Wake Forest, which your nephew Craig plays for — Who are you rooting for? jerry_stackhouse: This is the one game of the year — well, two games of the year — that I have no bias. I would love for Craig to get 40 and we win by one. (laughs) rachel_163: What impact has having your own children had on your life? jerry_stackhouse: Well, having my own kids has changed my life all the way around. At first it was just my mom, dad, brothers and sisters, but now my focus is them. Well, them and my wife. They're my priority now, more so than basketball or anything else. sllentb0b: I know for a fact in the market of autographs that a player's autograph lowers as more are given out. Do you sign a lot of autographs or do you just kind of ration them out for the right cause? jerry_stackhouse: Well, I try to not have a ton of cards out there. I do them periodically, but it's not something that I'm overwhelmed with. mroblaz2: Hey, Jerry. What's the deal with Rasheed Wallace? Was he always like this on the court? jerry_stackhouse: Rasheed is a great competitor and that's really all I can say about that. rachel_163: What do you think about Jordan being back and do you think he gets any special treatment? jerry_stackhouse: He should and he does. But after you've scored 30,000-some points and won six titles, I think you deserve a little bit of special treatment. sllentb0b: Do you in the summer or after basketball season run any basketball camps? jerry_stackhouse: Yeah, I run a camp here every summer and this summer I'm actually going to have two weeks of it. I'm not sure of the locations yet, but it will be on my website -- carlos3_1: In your opinion, who's the NBA MVP for this season? jerry_stackhouse: I think it's too early for the MVP. Teams are too jumbled up together to say who's the MVP right now. Every team not only has to play at a high level — which a lot of them are — but also has to maintain a high level for the whole season, and that remains to be seen.
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    sassysteve: Does your number have any special meaning to you? jerry_stackhouse: Yes, my number was my brother's number turned around. He was 24 when he played at Florida State and I decided I wanted to turn that around. I was also a big fan of James Worthy, so it just kind of fit. Events_Moderator: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us this evening, Jerry! It's been great fun! We'll have to do this again sometime! jerry_stackhouse: Well, thank you for signing on and hopefully I informed all of you with some of the questions that you've been wondering about. Let's do it again soon!
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