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NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11372043 Ready or not, here they come Ready+or+not%2C+here+they+come NBA

As of July 1, the most anticipated free agent class in NBA history became free to negotiate with any team. (They can't sign until July 8.) Randy Hill ranks the top 10.

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Gregory Shamus/NBAE - Getty Images
NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11346325 LeBron James, SF, Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron+James%2C+SF%2C+Cleveland+Cavaliers NBA

The most amazing athlete most of us have ever seen is only 25, but seems to be at a legacy-creating crossroads. He also has great interest in accelerating his footprint as a corporation (Worldwide LeBron?). None of us really know what will happen, but reading the tea leaves has been fun (in a mind-numbing sort of way) thus far.

Update: Announced he will sign with Heat

David Liam Kyle/NBAE - Getty Images
NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11346204 Dwyane Wade, SG, Miami Heat Dwyane+Wade%2C+SG%2C+Miami+Heat NBA

One of the greatest single forces the league has seen in years, Wade (now 28) is respected by his peers, seems serious about staying in Miami and has a potentially nice situation to sell. We'll see if the Heat can afford any role-assuming playmates for Dwyane in addition to any high-priced cronies he lures to South Florida.

Update: Announced he will sign with Heat

Elsa - Getty Images
NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11346328 Chris Bosh, PF, Toronto Raptors Chris+Bosh%2C+PF%2C+Toronto+Raptors NBA

Most speculators have linked the 26-year-old Bosh's future with the valedictorian and/or salutatorian of the 2010 class. His inside-outside skills make him as a tough to handle as any baseline player in the league. But recent rumors suggest he may not be that eager to ride shotgun for anyone on our free-agent list.

Update: Announced he will sign with Heat

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE - Getty Images
NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11346205 Dirk Nowitzki, PF, Dallas Mavericks Dirk+Nowitzki%2C+PF%2C+Dallas+Mavericks NBA

Dirk will test the waters, but is considered a near lock to keep working for Mark Cuban in Dallas. He's not among the league's super-duper elite, but he's the leader of the pack just one step down from there. Nowitzki doesn't generate style points or play great defense, but his numbers keep the Mavericks somewhat tough to take down.

Update: Agreed to four-year, $80M deal with Mavericks

Danny Bollinger/NBAE - Getty Images
NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11346327 Amar'e Stoudemire, PF, Phoenix Suns Amar%27e+Stoudemire%2C+PF%2C+Phoenix+Suns NBA

One of the league's foremost teases, Stoudemire re-established plenty of goodwill in Phoenix by going nuts for most of the second half of the regular season. He was less consistent during the Suns' playoff run, and the departure of Steve Kerr could mean he's headed for Miami, to name one possible destination, after all.

Update: Agreed to five-year, $100M deal with Knicks

Christian Petersen - Getty Images
NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11346326 Carlos Boozer, PF, Utah Jazz Carlos+Boozer%2C+PF%2C+Utah+Jazz NBA

At 27, Boozer remains a good provider as an interior scorer and defensive rebounder. He lacks the length and interest to excel at the other end, but would be a strong addition on a team with a bit more genuine firepower than Utah has under contract.

Update: Agreed to five-year, $80M deal with Bulls

Jed Jacobsohn - Getty Images
NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11345834 Joe Johnson, SG, Atlanta Hawks Joe+Johnson%2C+SG%2C+Atlanta+Hawks NBA

Johnson had been a presumed consolation prize for free-agent buyers unable to land the superstars in the 2010 class. But after a playoff free fall in Round 2 against the Orlando Magic (12.8 points on 29-percent shooting), Johnson is nowhere near the go-to, big-money player he fancied himself to be while starring as a role player in Phoenix.

Update: Agreed to six-year, $116M deal with Hawks

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images
NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11404510 Paul Pierce, SF, Boston Celtics Paul+Pierce%2C+SF%2C+Boston+Celtics NBA

By pulling the trigger on his early termination option, Pierce killed a $21.5 million salary for next season that would be sufficiently amended if the Cs bring him back for a max extension. Such a deal would be worth $96M over four years. Can the franchise handle The Truth at $24M when he's 36 years old and in the last year of the aforementioned bonanza? Well, it depends on how long he and Kevin Garnett's knee can keep that window of championship opportunity ajar. At least Pierce always has been more crafty than explosive, meaning he probably can't lose the step he didn't have.

Update: Agreed to four-year, $65M deal with Celtics

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images
NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11345967 David Lee, PF, New York Knicks David+Lee%2C+PF%2C+New+York+Knicks NBA

Lee, a dedicated rebounder who figures to gather impressive hustle stats in any system, would be a perfect player to blend with any big-name free agents the Knicks might sign. But barring any peculiar sign-and-trade maneuvers, a successful shopping spree for New York means he has to go.

Fernando Medina - Getty Images
NBA 73 43 Top 10 NBA free agents 11345835 John Salmons, SF, Milwaukee Bucks John+Salmons%2C+SF%2C+Milwaukee+Bucks NBA

The Bucks went 22-8 to close the regular season after acquiring Salmons from the Chicago Bulls. But he sort of whiffed when it really counted, giving Milwaukee just 17 ppg and making an icy 40 percent of his field-goal tries during a first-round series loss to Atlanta in the playoffs.

Update: Agreed to five-year, $40M deal with Bucks

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images
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