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NBA 73 43 NBA trade deadline: Winners and Losers 10928870 Winner: Antawn Jamison Winner%3A+Antawn+Jamison NBA A true professional on a dysfunctional team, Jamison was suffering through another frustrating season in Washington when his prayers were answered. Now he'll be playing on the NBA's best team with the league's most dominant player. The Cavaliers are also big winners for getting Jamison, who is averaging 20.5 points and 8.8 rebounds, without giving up promising forward J.J. Hickson. But Jamison is the one whose fortunes changed more than any other with the blowing of the NBA trade winds. -- John Galinsky, NBA editor
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NBA 73 43 NBA trade deadline: Winners and Losers 10928871 Loser: Miami Heat Loser%3A+Miami+Heat NBA The Heat tried to pry Amar'e Stoudemire from the Suns in an effort to get a quality big man and some help for overburdened star Dwyane Wade (pictured). When that fell through, they reportedly went after Carlos Boozer only to be rebuffed by the Jazz. Now, with no deal before the deadline, they face a scary summer. Unless they sign another marquee free agent (possibly Stoudemire or Boozer), Wade could end up walking.
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NBA 73 43 NBA trade deadline: Winners and Losers 10928904 Winner: Dallas Mavericks Winner%3A+Dallas+Mavericks NBA Mavs owner Mark Cuban is never afraid to make a splash, even if it costs him some cash. In this case, he greatly improved his team by stealing Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood (pictured) from the Wizards while losing perpetually injured swingman Josh Howard and journeyman Drew Gooden. Haywood's addition may be particularly important since starting center Erick Dampier will miss time with a dislocated middle finger.
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NBA 73 43 NBA trade deadline: Winners and Losers 10928940 Loser: Amar'e Stoudemire Loser%3A+Amar%27e+Stoudemire NBA All the pre-deadline chatter had Stoudemire joining LeBron James in Cleveland or Dwyane Wade in Miami. Instead, once again, he'll stay in Phoenix, at least until he can become a free agent this summer. Of course, sticking with Steve Nash isn't so bad, is it?
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NBA 73 43 NBA trade deadline: Winners and Losers 10928903 Winners: Knicks, Bulls, Clippers Winners%3A+Knicks%2C+Bulls%2C+Clippers NBA Those three teams all achieved their goal of shedding bad contracts and freeing cap room to bid on the big-name free agents this summer. The Knicks' braintrust of Mike D'Antoni and Donnie Walsh (pictured) managed to dump Jared Jeffries on the Rockets as part of the Tracy McGrady trade. Now they may be able to offer two max deals to the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. The Bulls also will go after Wade, a Chicago native, after getting rid of John Salmons in a trade with the Bucks.
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NBA 73 43 NBA trade deadline: Winners and Losers 10928879 Loser: Washington Wizards Loser%3A+Washington+Wizards NBA Yeah, I understand blowing up the team after all the turmoil, negativity and underachievement this season. But when you give away valuable commodities like Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood, shouldn't you have more to show for it than the likes of Josh Howard (pictured) and Al Thornton? Clearing cap space is nice, but unless the Wizards can lose the worst contract in the NBA (Gilbert Arenas is due to make $80 million the next four seasons) this franchise will be an embarrassment for years to come.
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NBA 73 43 NBA trade deadline: Winners and Losers 10928980 Winner: Tracy McGrady Winner%3A+Tracy+McGrady NBA Having worn out his welcome in Houston, T-Mac needed a fresh start elsewhere. He'll get one in New York, where the Knicks have nothing to lose by playing the seven-time All-Star guard. McGrady is making an NBA-high $23.2 million this season but has barely played following microfracture knee surgery. The next two months give the impending free agent a chance to earn another healthy payday this summer.
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NBA 73 43 NBA trade deadline: Winners and Losers 10928878 Loser: Zydrunas Ilgauskas Loser%3A+Zydrunas+Ilgauskas NBA Big Z has been a fixture in Cleveland for 12 years, setting a team record for games played while experiencing lean times and the rise of LeBron James. Now, with the Cavs in prime position for their first title, he finds himself heading to Washington in exchange for Antawn Jamison. It's possible the Wizards will buy out his contract and he'll rejoin LeBron for the playoffs. But with Jamison on the roster, Ilgauskas is unlikely to play much of a role if Cleveland eventually marches to the championship.
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