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NBA 73 1080 Wilt Chamberlain's most incredible stats 30735260 Giant of the game Giant+of+the+game NBA

Everyone knows about Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game 50 years ago, but that was just one of his amazing NBA feats. You can argue about his overall legacy and where he ranks among the best players in history, but you can't deny his statistical dominance. Here are five more of his most incredible stats.

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NBA 73 1080 Wilt Chamberlain's most incredible stats 30741084 Zero foul-outs Zero+foul-outs NBA

For a player as physically imposing as Chamberlain, perhaps the most astonishing thing about his 14-year career is this: He never fouled out of a game. In fact, he averaged just two fouls per game, or one every 23 minutes. By comparison, Shawn Kemp, who also played 14 NBA seasons, fouled out of 115 games.

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NBA 73 1080 Wilt Chamberlain's most incredible stats 30735262 35 straight field goals 35+straight+field+goals NBA

Prior to the 1966-67 season, new Sixers coach Alex Hannum persuaded Chamberlain to change his style of play to focus more on rebounding and defense. As a result, Wilt averaged a career-low 24.1 points. But he was extraordinarily efficient, making an NBA-record 68.3 percent of his shots, including 35 straight from Feb. 17 to 28. Chamberlain ended up winning his third MVP award and his first NBA title.

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NBA 73 1080 Wilt Chamberlain's most incredible stats 30735258 50.2 points per game 50.2+points+per+game NBA

In his third NBA season, Chamberlain had his famous 100-point game against the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962. But high-scoring games weren't an aberration. He scored at least 60 points 15 times, including 78 against the Lakers, and ended up with 4,029 points for the season. To put that in perspective, the only other player to break the 3,000-point barrier is Michael Jordan, with 3,041 in the 1986-87 season.

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NBA 73 1080 Wilt Chamberlain's most incredible stats 30735259 48.5 minutes per game 48.5+minutes+per+game NBA

There are only 48 minutes in an NBA game, yet Chamberlain managed to average more than that in the 1961-62 season thanks to several overtime games, his incredible stamina and an uncanny ability to stay out of foul trouble. (More on that later.) Warriors coach Frank McGuire never took Chamberlain out of a game that season. The only minutes he missed came in one game when he was ejected for his second technical foul with eight minutes to play.

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NBA 73 1080 Wilt Chamberlain's most incredible stats 30735261 27.2 rebounds per game 27.2+rebounds+per+game NBA

In his second NBA season in 1960-61, Chamberlain broke the record he set as a rookie by pulling down 2,149 missed shots. He snatched 55 rebounds in one game, also an NBA record, and never stopped crashing the boards. Since he retired in 1973 with a career average of 22.9 rebounds, no NBA player has averaged more than 18.7 for a season.

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