Childress teams seek more speed

As you look at Richard Childress Racing this season, it looks like they’ve got some work to do, kind of all the way around.

The handling of the cars is not quite like it needs to be, listening to some of the comments on the radio by the drivers — Kevin Harvick, Jeff Burton and Paul Menard. I think they’re searching for a little bit of speed. At one time, it looked as though they had one of the premier engine programs on the track. Now, it looks as though maybe they might be off a little bit in that area.

I might be dead wrong, but it looks to be a combination of the two.

If the cars are not handling, it makes it look like the engines are not running. They have to figure out how they can get more speed in their car, whether it’s through the corners to make the straightaways look like they’ve got horsepower, but they’re definitely off in that area.

Other than that, they’re not that bad. It seems like they fight through a lot of the adversity and make some good calls on pit road.

Even that being said, with all the shuffling around once again of this crew chiefs among the teams trying to make these drivers happy, it makes me wonder whether there is anybody in the garage area right now who can fit the bill for the drivers.

When I say that, it looks as though Harvick is continually looking for somebody to make his cars drive better and handle better and give him what he needs. As many times as he’s had crew chief Gil Martin, with whom he was recently reunited, and different people, it’s confusing, I guess, is the easiest way to put it.

Sometimes, it gets confusing about exactly where they are with that, as well as with  Burton — how many crew chiefs he’s had in recent years. And now he is going back to Luke Lambert.

That organization is definitely fishing.

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