Charlotte Motor Speedway's Krispy Kreme burger gets the taste buds racing

Those caught in the rain delay at Charlotte Motor Speedway can take a lap (band) with these calorie-laden culinary creations.

Krispy Kreme of the crop.

There's nothing like a bacon cheddar Krispy Kreme burger to get the heart racing.

And now visitors to Charlotte Motor Speedway can get a side of diet-busting eats to go along with their day at the track. 

The speedway offered up a heart-stopping display of new calorie-laden creations at a Red Carpet Rookies event earlier this week. 

Most artery-clogging was the Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger — a patty of ground beef, cheese, and bacon strips sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme donuts (also known in certain circles as the Luther burger. Or a cardiologist's sworn enemy): 

For the non-meat eaters, there's also the Gargantuan Grilled Cheese — five pounds of Say Cheese cheddar warmly embraced in a one-pound Hawaiian bread roll. 

After all that, what's another 1,300 calories and 77 grams of fat? Because that's what's in the Funnel Bacakonator — a funnel cake covered in bacon bits and doused in strawberry and chocolate sauces. 

Maybe it can all be washed down with a Diet Coke. Or walked off later.  

H/t For the Win

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