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Our friends at have plenty to say about the Martinsville 500! They've got the scoop on what the heavens have in store for NASCAR's biggest stars. Previous predictions:
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  • NASCAR self-harmony rankings
    Top contenders in the Martinsville 500
    : No. 18, Sign: Taurus
    If Bobby was playing poker this weekend he would probably draw a full house, as he has all the necessary planets in place and in the right order. He has Mercury for communication, Mars for heightened creativity, Saturn for grand plans and Jupiter for their implementation. The sole negative aspect comes in the form of a Pluto-Moon energy, and even that is likely to develop in his favor. This all suggests that he is likely to dominate Martinsville.
    Sunday's rating: 4.75 out of 5
    .: No. 8, Sign: Libra
    There is only a single negative aspect in Dale's horoscope for this weekend. A minor Jupiter-Mercury could see him fighting a tendency to take the wrong line. The positive side is a strong Saturn-Mars energy which is likely to temper his impatience without stealing his speed and agility. The presence of a Mars-Uranus aspect, while not a major force, suggests that this race has the potential to be a dynamic and explosive one for him.
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 9, Sign: Libra
    Almost every aspect in Bill's horoscope for this weekend suggests success. A minor Uranus-Saturn alignment has the potential to be a subtle irritation. Apart from that, two Mars aspects, one a double and the other combining with Mercury, find him with the urge to get in there and fight it out and with the energy to pull it off. A couple of other Mercury associated energies, notably with Venus, suggest that, barring technical problems, he's going to have some fun.
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 20, Sign: Taurus/Gemini cusp
    Tony's horoscope for this weekend suggests that he's still in the driver's seat as it comes to the end of the season. There's a rather fine Mercury-Venus aspect that couldn't be made better for a NASCAR race. It helps in sports where split-second decisions and a lot of luck is needed, and it is likely to find him in the limelight or very close to it. There is a cloud on the horizon though, and it is generally associated with temper tantrums, so self-control may be an issue.
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 2, Sign: Leo
    An extremely helpful Sun-Neptune aspect in Rusty's chart for the race could find him drifting past his opponents almost unseen. A fine pair of Mars-related energies will also assist in helping him deliver the right amount of torque to his race at the exact time it's needed. As for potential upsets, there are a couple of Jupiter energies — one a double, associated with control and the other related to Mars, associated with scheduling, that luckily will have no effect.
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 99, Sign: Cancer
    Jeff's horoscope for this weekend is a mixed bag. The largest plus is a speedy Mars-Mercury energy that should find him tapping the steering wheel waiting for the starting flag to go up and a double Mercury-Venus is likely to help him concentrate and relate well to his surroundings. Then — bam! — the not-so-helpful aspects kick in. Jupiter combines with Mercury, possibly causing him to take wide swings into the curves, and a Mars-Pluto energy will most likely jangle his nerves.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 24, Sign: Leo
    Jeff's horoscope suggests that he's in the frame of mind to dominate the track this weekend. There's a strong Mercury-Uranus aspect in place suggesting that he will benefit from any sport that relies on lightning flashes of skill and be able to summon up energy from deep within and end up center stage. There is also a Mercury-Sun presence suggesting that his efforts will be more effective on short sprints, so he may have to work on his stamina to place well.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 88, Sign: Sagittarius
    There's a healthy dose of double Saturn in Dale's horoscope for this weekend, suggesting that he'll be in the NASCAR equivalent of a workaholic mode by race time. Mars produces the energy and Jupiter will provide the ideas to help him get ahead and have fun picking off his competitors as the race progresses. A mild note of discordance is introduced in the way of a Mars-Uranus aspect, and it could make his driving style become occasionally erratic.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 29, Sign: Sagittarius
    Kevin's horoscope for this weekend shows him riding the tail end of a strong Mercury-Pluto alignment, which suggests that he has been keyed up and ready to storm the track all week. Unfortunately, as this fades it will be replaced by a Mercury-Neptune aspect that might find him in a physically lethargic mood by race time. If there's room under his helmet for a Walkman he might want to consider it, as it will help keep his mind engaged as his body goes through the motions.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 48, Sign: Virgo
    Jimmie's race this weekend gets a shot in the arm from a Mars-Jupiter aspect capable of pushing him to finish even better than last week's sixth place. He' s also likely to be in a talkative, "can-do" mood and prepared to use anything and everything in his personal arsenal to win. He should be careful not to push too hard in his rush to win, as any rough and ready solution could cause conflicts both on and off track, some of which might not end when the race ends.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 12, Sign: Sagittarius
    A Mars-Jupiter energy in Ryan's horoscope for Sunday suggests that while this is generally a fortunate day for him, he should be careful of overstraining himself or his engine while chasing down the uncatchable. On the other side of this coin, a Saturn-Mars aspect agrees with this, suggesting that while he is due to be in a highly energized state, exercising self-discipline is likely to carry him further than just going "hell for leather." A case of the hare and the tortoise, perhaps?
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 28, Sign: Virgo
    There's an almost perfect set of aspects in Ricky's horoscope for this weekend — except for one, which is quite big and not at all helpful. This Mars-Saturn alignment will take some conquering and suggests that he is going to have to control his temper and that not doing so will cost him dearly. On the positive front, and this covers many planets, he should have energy and plenty of speed and accuracy when it counts most. It looks like it all comes down to self-control.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 17, Sign: Pisces
    The large Mars-Saturn energy that was in Matt's horoscope last weekend when his engine blew is there again this weekend. He is also riding the end of a powerful Mars-Pluto energy that has been driving his will to win like a cyclone and will have drained him. As for Sunday, there are a couple of pleasant energies available, such as a double Jupiter and a Venus-Mercury, that under other circumstances would work in his favor. But this time they are out-gunned.
    Sunday's rating: 4 out of 5

    NASCAR self-harmony scores
    Self-harmony scores are a gauge of how balanced a person is. They are a constant figure and do not change over a person's lifetime. Self Harmony Reports are scored from about 0 to 25, although some reports have higher values and a few have lower ones. A well balanced person would score 12.5. For more on self-harmony scores, including full reports for the top NASCAR drivers, head over to's Self-Harmony page!
    Self-harmony scores for the top drivers
    : 4
    Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: 16
    : -2
    : 17
    : 37
    : 14
    : 30.5
    : 09
    : 40
    : 13
    : 08
    : 20
    : 03

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