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Our friends at have plenty to say about the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway! They've got the scoop on what the heavens have in store for NASCAR's biggest stars. Previous predictions:
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  • NASCAR self-harmony rankings
    Top contenders in the Ford 400
    .: No. 8, Sign: Libra
    It looks like Dale's back on form again this weekend courtesy of a Saturn-Mercury aspect, suggesting that he'll have the measure of the track even though it might take extreme effort on his part. The planets further suggest that the main hurdle that he will have to overcome will be the need to kick-start himself to show the championship moves that he is known for. Subject to a Uranus-inspired rash act on his part, he should finish in the top five again.
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 24, Sign: Leo
    Jeff's horoscope for this weekend is a real mix. The bad news is that he could have to overcome a Mercury-Jupiter aspect that generally accompanies extreme inertia. The good news though is that this aspect weakens around race time and is replaced by a much healthier Sun-Jupiter power that will engender a mental intensity that can't help but bring out the best in his drive. Even though he's more than likely in for a hard fought race, he could find it particularly satisfying.
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 29, Sign: Sagittarius
    Calculating Kevin's chance of success along astrological lines this weekend does not leave much chance of success. A Moon-Uranus energy suggests that his body will feel like concrete and will be hard to mobilize. A Moon-Venus aspect that occurs slap bang in the middle of the race sees him losing ground and not making it back. A saving grace appears by way of a Mars-Mercury influence that suggests that if he can push himself and go for the sprint advantage, he has a fair chance.
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 48, Sign: Virgo
    Jimmie's horoscope suggests that he is likely to be in a quandary on race day. A Venus-Saturn alignment suggests that his sweet tooth will tell him what he likes, but his wisdom tooth will say no. This conflict between the desire for pleasure and the feeling that he ought to do his duty by putting the pedal to the metal is not an easy problem to resolve. The trick here is to find a compromise that will not leave him feeling guilty. He should focus on a particular move that he enjoys doing.
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 17, Sign: Pisces
    There's a Moon aspect in Matt's horoscope for this weekend that will find him enjoying the physical act of driving. Now while this, in conjunction with last week's win, is bound to find him feeling great, the potential downside of this effect is that it could lessen his desire to pull out all the stops. Thankfully, there's also a double Mars aspect that is capable of delivering the sort of fractious energy that could even see him repeating last week's win.
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 12, Sign: Sagittarius
    A Moon-Jupiter aspect in Ryan's horoscope for the race suggests that he will be feeling good about his sporting skills, and finding that those around him appreciate the talents he has developed. Maybe he is driving within his abilities, but maybe not. Now is the time for him to think about how he can push himself even further and to make the new contacts that will help him take that next step. An energetic double Mars aspect for the weekend suggests he's going to put in a lively performance.
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 2, Sign: Leo
    It looks like Rusty's in for a very complex and high energy race this weekend. If he can just avoid the energy of a Moon-Neptune aspect which could find him becoming too reflective, he can harness the energy of a Mars-Sun alignment that will be at his disposal to deliver a controlled flow of power. This is an excellent time for him to compete — either against others, or by pushing back the boundaries of his personal bests. He should go for speed, but most of all compete, compete, compete!
    Sunday's rating: 4.5 out of 5
    : No. 99, Sign: Cancer
    Two major Mars aspects dominate Jeff's horoscope this weekend. A week-long double Mars influence finds him capable of drawing on his personal storehouse of determination and energy to have his best race in quite a while. However, a Mercury influence could dissipate this Mars energy by delivering a less-than-helpful nagging feeling that he is chasing the unobtainable. This second force could be lessened by a burst of strenuous exercise before the race.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 9, Sign: Libra
    Bill has a number of opposing influences in his horoscope for Sunday. A Mercury-Mars aspect dictates that speed and aggression are the secret of victory on the day. And, even though he senses that his abilities are at an all-time high, an impetuous act might come back to bite him. A less-than-positive Sun-Jupiter influence suggests that he should be careful about taking on more than he can handle. The actual solution could be for him to go 'hell-for-leather', but beware the clinches.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 18, Sign: Taurus
    Bobby's horoscope for this weekend is atypical for him. It shows that his energy level may be at a season low. There is a Moon-Mars conjunction suggesting that he may need to stretch himself and take on new challenges just to hit his usual mark. Perhaps he should warm up with a new set of prerace exercises and find some new muscles to test. This aspect also suggests that he should be wary of being drawn into situations that would be better avoided.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 28, Sign: Virgo
    There's a pensive Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Ricky's chart for this weekend, suggesting that this would be a fine time for him to review his whole training program. This does not mean that he needs to make wholesale changes, but he should do all he can to make sure that his time is being put to its most effective use. He should check that the balance between the various parts of his workout are beneficial. If not, he should plan adjustments accordingly.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 20, Sign: Taurus/Gemini cusp
    There's a Mercury-Saturn opposition in Tony's chart for race day that suggests that the race might not be all he wants it to be. It hints at having to deal with defeat and despondency. Another unhelpful energy, a Sun-Saturn opposition, often accompanies a shortage of the skills and strengths necessary to get the job done on the day. Combined, it's likely that having come all this way, victory may be snatched from him at the last minute. There again, not one to give up, Tony could just prevail.
    Sunday's rating: 4.25 out of 5
    : No. 88, Sign: Sagittarius
    Dale has an outstanding number of aggravating aspects in his horoscope for this weekend. They involve Jupiter-Mars and Pluto-Mars energies, both of which could restrict his light-hearted manner and cooperation on and off the track. The upside is brought in by a Sun-Mars aspect which suggests that despite the possibly negative feelings, he should be on top of his game. This is likely to result in a highly charged race where just about anything could happen.
    Sunday's rating: 4 out of 5

    NASCAR self-harmony scores
    Self-harmony scores are a gauge of how balanced a person is. They are a constant figure and do not change over a person's lifetime. Self Harmony Reports are scored from about 0 to 25, although some reports have higher values and a few have lower ones. A well balanced person would score 12.5. For more on self-harmony scores, including full reports for the top NASCAR drivers, head over to's Self-Harmony page!
    Self-harmony scores for the top drivers
    : 4
    Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: 16
    : -2
    : 17
    : 37
    : 14
    : 30.5
    : 09
    : 40
    : 13
    : 08
    : 20
    : 03

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