Penalties coming for 10, 57, 48 and 2 Busch Teams

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Following the running of the FUNAI 250 NASCAR Busch Series Race Friday evening, several altercations among a number of teams occurred on pit road and in the garage area. NASCAR announced that there would very likely be penalties assessed against and the 10 team, and the 57 team, and the 48 and and the 2 team.

FUNAI 250 - Post-Race Quotes

#10 : "We did battle back [from problems early in the race.] The guys never gave up. continues to prove that he is the most disrespectful driver on the racetrack. Of course, if you ask him, he never does anything wrong. Everybody had it on video, everybody saw it on TV. I'm just proud of him for him to keep on proving me right as him being the most disrespectful driver. When Hornaday, or Horna-head or whatever you're call him, Mr. Disrespectful put me in the wall there, it broke the right front shock, so we were getting a lot of right front travel. And that made it pretty decent, we were making pretty good lap times, but end up cutting up the right front tire down. And then trying to get into the pits, poor , I hate it for him. I ended up getting into it with him on the racetrack, running into each other, me trying to slow down. Even with a bad deal in the beginning with somebody putting us into the wall, it still was going to be an OK night for us with a top-ten finish I think." #2 : "I'm not worried about [what had to say.] I feel bad that I got into him, but I don't feel I got into him. If you go back and look at the tape, I was under the 37 car, too, and yeah, I'm pretty good on restarts so he should have understood that and let me go by, I guess. The track, it's slick out there, and we had a car that ran pretty good. Half-way through that run we started running everybody down, and started getting bottled up. That's racing, I hate to see it. They blamed me for an incident last time, too. I guess I'm the old man; I'm going to get blamed for everything. I got big shoulders, I guess. We've got I good points race going. If is going to drive that way, I guess I'm going to have to. I don't want to do that. I got cleared, that's all I know. So if he got a good bite coming off the corner it's one of those thing where off the bottom you can stick up in there. Look at the tape. I was underneath , too. And I didn't hit him." #43 : "More than exciting, it was damn awesome. We weren't even supposed to be here. At the beginning of the year, we weren't going to be running a full schedule. Hats off the and all the guys for letting me by there, and getting a good run a Matt [Kenseth.] I don't know what Matt's problem is. If he wants to race that way, we can race that way. He pulled a chicken-blank move going into turn one under caution. I think he tried to take me out intentionally. I didn't really like that. My car took a while to get going on long runs. It's unfortunate that qualifying was rained out and we had to start so far back. This [car's] awesome. My guys did an awesome job getting it ready." #17 : "It was a good race. Everybody's got a different perspective. I got a bad restart, and I got up along side of him. He got loose, and hit me in the door pretty hard. I hit him a little but under yellow, which I shouldn't have done. I really didn't mean to get into him as hard as I did. We went green and I passed him fair and square and he just plain drove into the back of me for the win. That isn't the way I race, I don't really agree with that. I raced him as clean as I could. I gave him a lot of room and didn't get it back." "It was a great race to watch. I felt like I gave him plenty of racetrack and he didn't need to run into the back of me. I gave him two car-lengths on the bottom, gave him all he needed. "He [Harvick] was mad at me, I guess be cause I was in the 43's way, I guess. He slowed up for the yellow and I did get into the back of him, which I shouldn't have. I really didn't mean to that much. Kevin got into the back of me." #21 : "I just didn't want my teammate getting picked on there. The rat just ran into the back of him under yellow." #37 Gains points lead - "Our car ran good, and that's what it takes to be there at the end. It got crazy there at the end. As good as it was to be in the points lead, Scott [Riggs] had some problems, I chased Brian [Vickers] there a little bit, right on his bumper. It's not over yet. We brought a brand new car here yesterday. It had 30 laps on it. My team did a whale of a job with it." #5 : Improves to 2nd in points - "It was a pretty good run. We faded a little at the beginning; we didn't have the best car at the beginning. The guys gave me good pit stops, gave me a good car at the end. The second pit stop we maybe got a little bit loose. It was a good night for us and the team. I moved to second in the points; I'm really happy about that. I want to thank all the fans for coming out here. They packed the place out tonight for the Busch race. It's pretty cool. It was a good night." #25 .: "The run was great. It all goes back to the guys. As far as what happened in front of us, the spotters kept telling us that it wasn't over yet, so be careful. And every time you see them smoke, you'd have to lift. The 5 car was coming, everybody's coming. I don't know what the 43 found, but they found something; they were fast. I had a run on Kevin there at the end, just slipped a little bit. It was just real hard racing. Often the top three of us were right there. If one slipped I gained, if I slipped, the other two would gain. It was an excellent run." #7 : "These guys gave me a really good car tonight. We clearly had a car that could win. We dropped a cylinder early on, and we were just kind of limping along there, trying to finish the race. It finally gave up, that's a long ways to go down a cylinder."

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