NASCAR on FX preview: 10 Laps with Elliott Sadler

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Chris Myers

On this week's NASCAR on FX prerace show at Richmond, Chris Myers goes '10 Laps' with Elliott Sadler. Here's an excerpt from their conversation. Watch FX on Saturday at 7 p.m. ET for more and come back to for bonus video. Chris Myers: Elliott, what's your non-racing passion? Elliott Sadler: Deer hunting in the outdoors. It's something that I've been doing with my dad since I was little kid, and it's something I enjoy doing in the off-season, in the winter time. I love getting back to Virginia and being able to do that with my friends. So, I love doing it. It's a huge, huge passion of mine.

Chris Myers: I know you do it sometimes to get away from racing, but how is it like racing? Are there any things that you tie together in that? Elliott Sadler: It's a team sport the way we do it. It's very organized. Any time you got 40 or 50 people going in the woods at one time, it's very organized. You gotta know where everybody is at all times. So, you gotta be very aware of what's happening for the safety part of it and to be efficient. So, there's a lot of correlation between racing and hunting; there really is. And me being kind of the head guy at the hunting lodge, I really gotta be ahead of the guys. I gotta know what's going on. I've got to know where everybody else is at. Not only do I got to know my job, I gotta know their job too, which also as a racecar driver, coming in for a pit stop. You gotta know where everybody's gonna be on that also. So, there's a lot of similarities in both. Chris Myers: Everybody has a fish story of the big one that got away. Is there one in hunting (for) you... something in your sights? Elliott Sadler: Yeah, I got a few this year that got away. I made some mistakes on that I should have had them, but your blood gets to pumping so much. Your heart gets to beating. And sometimes you're reacting the way you're not suppose to. So, not only me, but some of my friends had the big ones that got away. But, that's all part of it. That makes you wanna get up the next day and try again.

Chris Myers: How about this: you're at the doctor's or dentist's office, and you're waiting in the waiting room. What's usually the first magazine that you pick up to look at? Elliott Sadler: Anything to do with sports. I'm a huge sports fanatic, and it not only would have to do with racing, but any types of sports. So if it's a sports magazine around, I'm gonna read up on who's doing what. Chris Myers: How about on the drivers today, who's the most aggressive driver out there? Elliott Sadler: Jimmy Spencer when he races. Chris Myers: Okay. He may be this one too. Who's the ugliest or facially challenged? Elliott Sadler: (Laughter) Facially challenged, I don't know. I don't know if I could really say that or not. I don't know.

Chris Myers: They might hold that against you. How about the smartest driver? Elliott Sadler: Smartest driver? Uh, Matt Kenseth. Chris Myers: How active are you with technology, computers, iPods and so forth? Elliott Sadler: I'm terrible with computers, but I do love iPods. I have one, and I don't think I'll ever buy another CD. Chris Myers: All right, and what about a cell phone? Are you one that uses it for pictures and all that other stuff? Elliott Sadler: Yeah, I try to use it for pictures and videos and text messaging and calls and stuff like that. It's amazing where we've come from the bag phone. Chris Myers: This is the meter question where — on a scale of one to ten — you give me a 1 as the worst, the 10 as the best. Elliott Sadler is in great shape right now. Elliott Sadler: Eight. I'm in better shape now and got the best physical I've ever had in my entire life before we came into Daytona. I actually started to eat right and work out everyday, and I feel better for that.

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