NASCAR on FOX preview: 10 Laps with Greg Biffle

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Chris Myers

On the NASCAR on FOX prerace show at Michigan, Chris Myers goes "10 Laps" with Greg Biffle. Here's an excerpt from their conversation. Watch FOX on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET for all-new answers, and come back to for bonus video.

Chris Myers: Do you feel that you're at an advantage because your team or your crew is consistent, steady, stable? Greg Biffle: I think that will be an advantage for us. I think we're one of the only teams that didn't change one crew member on the entire team. So over the wall guys, guys at the shop were completely intact from last year which is great. Chris Myers: If you had to bottle what went right for you, the things that you did well last year and then put it into this year, how would you explain that or describe that? Greg Biffle: The beginning of the season was phenomenal for us as a race team. And then we just held our consistency. But we won all those races right at the beginning. We've learned and learned and learned and got better as a team and it's really gained our momentum. I work well with (crew chief) Doug Richert, the engineer and everybody just really works well together. And I think that's-that's an important ingredient in a race team.

Chris Myers: What's your greatest non-racing passion? Greg Biffle: I enjoy off-road, cars, and I enjoy going to sand dunes and doing that kind of thing. And I enjoy real estate. I like doing a little bit. I don't do a lot of stuff with real estate. Chris Myers: But it's kind of a fun, like playing Monopoly but with real... Greg Biffle: Yeah, play Monopoly with a few pieces of property here and here. But it seems like I've got a bad habit about buying it and not doing anything with it. Chris Myers: Now we have something called the pressure gauge where you give us a number on a scale of one to 10. Ten being the high or absolute truth. One being the low. Greg Biffle: OK. Chris Myers: There is an unfair advantage to having a five-car race team. Greg Biffle: I think that would be around a six or seven last year. This year, I don't believe so because of the new testing policy. Where we had five teams, we could test a lot of different race tracks and bring that data in. Like Matt (Kenseth) would test Dover and I could use that information fairly well. Now with the new test policy, really it's each team is each team almost. Chris Myers: So you'd put that a five then. As kind of in the middle. Greg Biffle: Yeah, I would say so. Chris Myers: OK. How about Greg Biffle exceeded his own expectations. Greg Biffle: Yes. I'd say eight or nine. I really exceeded what I thought we could do as a team last year. I felt we could win three or four races. And we won six and finished second in points. That was an exceptional year for us. Chris Myers: And the Seahawks are going back to the Super Bowl. Greg Biffle: I hope so. An optimistic eight. They played very well. Chris Myers: That's your home state. Washington. Greg Biffle: Yeah, my home state. Chris Myers: And one question, not on a one to 10 scale, but that area I know has a lot of NASCAR fans. But it doesn't have a track. How would you explain that? I guess it could be for any area, but since that's your home turf. What's the draw? And a lot of good drivers obviously from that area.

Speed Mail Greg Biffle
Greg Biffle: There is. The Northwest really needs a racetrack, and I think it'll do very well. I think it'll do a lot better than what people think, even NASCAR and other folks. You look at the amount of states it has to draw from. It has Washington, Oregon, Idaho. Chris Myers: Even Canada. Greg Biffle: Utah, Canada and down into California. Chris Myers: (As a racer), you've gotten better about forgiving and forgetting? Greg Biffle: Yeah. I've gotten better about that, but my philosophy is once it's happened, it's happened and you can't fix it. And the only thing you're going to do is make it worse. You can't dwell on the past.
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