Nemechek, Conway help local police

Joe Nemechek Kevin Conway to help Daytona police with missing persons case

Kevin Conway and Joe Nemechek and their sponsor are working to help the Daytona Beach Police Department with an older missing persons case this weekend at Daytona International Speedway.

As part of the Extenze Local Hero program, Conway's No. 87 car will carry the image of Diane Hollins and Nemechek’s No. 97 will feature her daughter, Tammy Hollins, for the NASCAR Nationwide Series race Friday night.

Diane, who was 31 and Tammy, who was 14, were last seen by a neighbor on June 9, 1979, near their house. There has never been any type of clothing description given for either of them. Diane never showed up for work and Tammy never showed up to school that day.

“This case has been a real mystery to us,” said Steve Beres, Deputy Chief of Police, Daytona Beach Police Department. “Other than the neighbor who last saw Diane and Tammy, this is a case where there were really no witnesses and very limited information on the missing persons. Hopefully someone will see these race cars carrying the images of the Hollins and come forward and give us some long-awaited information to help solve this case.”

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