BRUNO: Kyle Petty Charity Ride Q&A, part two

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Tony Bruno

This week, NASCAR Winston Cup driver took some time out from his Charity Ride Across America to be a guest of the Tony Bruno Show, 8 a.m. to noon weekdays on . In part two, Bruno and co-host Andrew Siciliano talked with Petty about breaking the speed limit and what it's like to gas and go 150 hogs at once. If your Harley's in the shop and you would like to make a contribution, log on to, or call 1-888-45-PETTY for more information. For more on the ride and Kyle's season:
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  • Tony Bruno: Let's talk about the bikes, because obviously these are big hogs because you guys don't have any little motorcycles in this thing, do you? : We've got a little bit of everything in this ride. We've got a bunch of BMWs, a bunch of Harleys. We've got a bunch of Victory motorcycles because Victory is a motorcycle that I've been riding lately. It's part of Polaris, and it's a pretty cool bike. We've got Yamahas and Kawasakis. We've got a little bit of everything. We're going to pick up some antique bikes when we go through Iowa. I'm pretty excited about that because we're going to pick up some Indians and some stuff. There's a multitude of bikes. It's not just straight big-bike Harley kind of stuff. It's a ride for the kids, and it's just a charity ride. Andrew Siciliano: When you're going 220 mph in NASCAR, and then you get on a hog and you're going down the highway with the big pack and the wind blowing through your hair, can you adjust to that lack of speed? K.P.: You have to because there's guys with little lights on top of their cars that give you little pieces of paper. T.B.: But you have this all mapped out right? You're not doing more than like 75 mph at any stretch, are you? K.P.: Basically we've been running the speed limit to five over because you've got so many bikes, you can't really take off and run, and nobody is. It's not hard to adjust to the speed. I think it's just like anything else. It becomes relative. You're at Sonoma, and you're running fast. You're at Talladega, and you're running fast. Next thing you know, you're out on the interstate, and you're running 60 or 70 mph and that's what you're supposed to be doing. T.B.: Like NASCAR, do you guys have a truck following you with backup bikes? Or do you take one bike, and if that baby breaks down, you're in trouble. How does it work? K.P.: Yeah, we've got four trucks following us with extra bikes. That way if it breaks down, you load one bike, and somebody jumps on another bike. These bikes are serviced before you get here, and everything works pretty good. The problem we have out on the highway is flat tires. We go through some areas where there's gravel, and there's a lot of it so we've had our share of flat tires so far. Other than that, it's been OK. A.S.: So you have to have a caution flag then, right? K.P.: We have a caution flag. It's like the NASCAR commercials. How bad have you got it? You pull off to the side of the road, and 150 people try to change one tire. T.B.: You probably have your own gas with you. You don't pull into gas stations with 100 bikes, do you? K.P.: We do. It's all plotted out before we ever get there. They know that we're coming. We call ahead and tell them when we're about 30 minutes out. The people at the fuel stops start clearing the station, running people off and not letting anybody pull into the pumps. When we get there, it's just straight to the pump. Everybody kind of goes through. You never hang the pump up. You just keep pumping gas in a continuous line for people to come through, and then you pay all at one time. We can fuel 150 bikes in about 25 minutes so that's a lot of fueling going on. T.B.: It's got to be fun. America is such a beautiful country. A lot of people don't even get a chance to go outside of their neighborhoods, but to go across country on a motorcycle, it's got to be really thrilling. K.P.: It's phenomenal. Obviously you fly back and forth sometimes, and I've driven out a few times in a car, helping my father drive out our trucks. But there's nothing like riding across country on a motorcycle. You can go so many different places. We spend a lot of time on a bunch of two-lane roads on stuff so that's helped a lot. It's a beautiful country out here, and it's hard to believe that it's such a diverse country. It's so pretty, and there are so many places. You never have to leave the place that you love the most, which is this country, to enjoy the scenery.
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