Why was Erin Andrews searching through the crowd for an interview subject during Sunday’s Daytona 500, leading to an awkward moment with rapper and celebrity Casanova 50 Cent? Our FOX insiders have the real story behind Daytona’s most viral moment, and the explanation is quite simple: Sometimes, you have to answer nature’s call.

In case you missed it, 50 Cent made headlines at the most unlikely place for 50 Cent to make headlines when he planted a now infamous kiss on Andrews during the pre-race show.

Andrews dodged a lip-smack thanks to a couple crafty head bobs and had the kiss land on her cheek. 50 Cent then accompanied the FOX broadcaster on a search for one of her intended interview subjects – Danica Patrick, who had her own viral escapade before the race.

The only thing more aggressive than Fiddy’s pursuit was the social media firestorm that ensued. The incident itself immediately brought to mind Joe Namath’s similar stunt with ESPN’s Suzy Kolber back in 2003, and it generated plenty of discussion on 50 Cent’s bravado.

But the kiss may never have happened if not for a pre-race bathroom break from the drivers. Some of the drivers Andrews was planning to interview were using those last vital seconds before a long car ride to hit the restroom, FOX producers were told after the fact.

Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon and Danica were originally slated to be included in the segment. Stewart was up first, but was apparently late arriving to his car from pre-race festivities. Busch was up shortly thereafter, but he was one of the missing drivers.

Who was at Busch’s car? 50 Cent, who was supposed to be part of the quick interview with Kyle. Why wasn’t 50 Cent taking the opportunity to use the restroom as well? We can confirm that he had already done so not long before in the media center.

At the time of Andrews’ encounter with 50 Cent, the clock was ticking on her segment. About a minute remained before it had to wrap up, so she proceeded down pit road to find Danica – not to get away from the overly friendly Fiddy, as some suggested.

When she arrived at Danica’s car, the pole sitter was also absent. With time running out, Andrews wrapped up the interview and kicked it back to Chris Myers.

As you can see from the video, the scene around pit road was absolute chaos – drivers, their crews and families, celebrities, media and fans all mingling. The red carpet of the NASCAR world. And this is less than 10 minutes before the engines would be started. Seems a little crazy.

If you’re wondering, 50 Cent certainly doesn’t appear to be feeling too embarrassed by his much-talked about kiss. He was at it again Tuesday, posting a photo of himself kissing another female reporter on the cheek:

He also seemed impressed Monday by the social media circus that resulted:

For her part, Andrews made it clear on Monday that she was not upset with 50 Cent for the shenanigans:

We’ll do it live!