Wednesday WAG Of The Week: Patricia Driscoll

This "Wednesday WAG of the Week" is a businesswoman, philanthropist and author … and her boyfriend is a NASCAR outlaw. 

Name: Patricia Driscoll

Boyfriend: Kurt Busch

Driscoll has a very impressive resume. Not only is she Chief Executive Officer of Frontline Defense Systems LLC, she’s also President and Executive Director of the Armed Forces Foundation. She’s received so many awards and special recognitions for her work that it would take too long to list them all here. 

It’s fitting that the two originally met at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland … a place they still visit often. Her influence on Kurt is evident on the track as well. Every weekend, a service member is honored on the #78 car. 

During a recent sitdown interview with NASCAR Race Hub’s Matt Clark, Busch opened up about how Patricia and her 8-year-old son Houston have changed his life.

Congratulations to Patricia Driscoll, the "Wednesday WAG of the Week". For a full photo gallery, click here.

(Photo by Will Schneekloth/Getty Images)

Patricia Driscoll