Putting Labonte’s Iron Man Streak Into Perspective


Bobby Labonte’s consecutive starts streak will come to an end this weekend.

Labonte’s 704 consecutive Sprint Cup Series starts was the 2nd longest active streak – behind Jeff Gordon (705) – and started back in 1993.

That’s 20 years …. an impressive run in any sport.

We know that it’s highly unfair to make comparisons between sports. But for a little perspective, here’s how Labonte’s streak stacks up with some of the all-time records from other leagues. In terms of years, Labonte’s is up there.


Bobby Labonte – 704 Consecutive Starts in 20 Seasons

MLB: Cal Ripken, Jr. – 2,632 Consecutive Games in 17 Seasons

NFL: Brett Favre – 297 Consecutive Games in 19 Seasons

NBA: A.C. Green – 1,192 Consecutive Games in 15 Seasons 


Cheers to a great run, Bobby.

Since Iron Man is already taken, what should Labonte’s nickname be?