On the road again: Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes in sights around San Francisco

Dale Earnhardt Jr. put his tourist hat on earlier in the week before heading to Sonoma Raceway, checking out some of the most famous spots around San Francisco, Calif.

Before heading to Sonoma Raceway for this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took his girlfriend Amy and a few crew members around San Francisco, Calif. to take in some of the most famous tourists locations.  

Thankfully, Dale Jr. used his new-found love of Twitter to document the trip. 

The first stop was the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. 

Then it was off to a candy shop to pick up a few treats for the weekend. 

Looking for "upscale BBQ" in the San Francisco area? Dale Jr. has the perfect spot for you. 

How does one of the most famous racers in the world get around San Francisco? He uses Uber, of course. Things got a little interesting while he was waiting, though. 

Finally, the group ended their journey with a trip to Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay. The ladies had a little problem with the wind, however.