Nelson Piquet Kicks Brian Scott In the Groin After Richmond Race


How did Saturday night’s NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Richmond end? With a swift kick to Brian Scott’s groin.  

Yes, you read that right.  

Brian Scott was heated after the race and immediately confronted Nelson Piquet Jr. on pit road to express his displeasure. The two exchanged words before Piquet shoved Scott away and kicked him square in the family jewels.  

"He kicked me below the belt, which I think is just a chicken move," Scott said.


Piquet and Scott were racing for 14th position late in the race when the two traded paint, dropping Scott to 20th. Scott wasn’t pleased with the way Piquet raced him.  

"Every time we’ve raced against each other, he races me really dirty," Scott said. "He runs into me any time he can. He decided to move me for 15th, which there’s no need."  

Scott returned the favor after the checkered flag by slamming into the door of Piquet’s No. 30 Chevrolet.

"He doorbanged me and I don’t take any (expletive)," said Piquet. "He did the same thing to me at Martinsville just because I dived on the inside and I didn’t, I never touched him in the back at Martinsville. He got pissed off because of that, I let that go, but I’m not going to take any more crap from him."  

Now back to the post-race groin shot. Did it connect?  

"Mmhmm," Scott said. "A little high on it, but he got it."  

Not cool, Piquet. Not cool.  

"The intention wasn’t to do that," he said. "It was just to keep him away from me because I didn’€™t want to start a fight. It wasn’€™t meant to hit him where it ended up.

Either way, it seems kicking rivals in the mid-section runs in the Piquet family. Flashback to the 1982 Formula 1 German Grand Prix where Nelson Piquet Sr. nearly KO’d Eliseo Salazar with his own version of the karate kick.


Thankfully, both Scott and Salazar escaped with their "essentials" intact. Scott, however, is taking no chances moving forward.

  UPDATE — Two adult males who work for Richard Childress Racing were taken into custody by Henrico Police after a physical altercation broke out near the Driver/Owner Lot. For more information, click over to