NASCAR Wonka Exclusive: More Danica Patrick photobombs

Last week in Kentucky, Danica Patrick unexpectedly photobombed an interview with Clint Bowyer. Everyone laughed. Admit it, you did too. Here, watch it again. 

After some doctoring, er, digging for pics, we found that Danica has been doing this photobomb thing for quite some time. 

The Academy Awards

"I’m not looking where everyone else is looking, am I?" 

Tony Stewart’s House

Danica has since informed Smoke about this fabulous, new invention called the microwave.  

The Moon

"That’s one small step for Dan…ica; one giant leap for venturing out into space without a spacesuit."

Times Square, 1945

GoDaddy was founded the next day thanks to this photo that went viral on everyone’s KindaSmartPhone (the one, dark-green phone with the 100ft cord that families had in their kitchens). 

Woodstock, 1969

Rumor has it that Woodstock was the place where the Hendrix/SHR engine alliance began.