Last Lap: NASCAR is red hot, Kyle Busch golf shots & shooters

NASCAR was red hot last week and had to cool down for the Easter Weekend. The action should quickly heat up again this Sunday on the Virginia short track at Martinsville with lot’s of rubbing and some good racing. We can’t wait to see what Joey Logano does next (and with who)!


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Instagram image of the day:
Kyle and Samanth Busch took a little break at Cabo ahead of the Martinsville race. This golf course looks better than Bushwood Country Club! Think Kyle took a cue from Judge Smails on the shorts?

As Samantha Busch says they they are still horrible at golf so what the heck! A couple quick tequila shots can’t hurt. Just adding a little "swing oil". Kyle, channel Caddyshack and keep reciting "Just be the ball, be the ball Kyle, be the ball!"