Have You Got Your Mojo Working? Psychobilly Rocker Has His Going

He’s rude.

He’s crude.

He’s loud.

He’s WFO 24/7.

And he’s a huge NASCAR fan.

“He” is Mojo Nixon, who become a cult legend in the 1980s with a whole bevy of angry, articulate and hilarious songs, including “Elvis Is Everywhere,” “Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child” and “Stuffin’ Martha’s Muffin.”

These days, Nixon lives in San Diego and hosts three shows for SIRIUS/XM radio, including a NASCAR show called “Manifold Destiny.”

Shake and Bake caught up with Mojo at Sonoma Raceway, where we discovered he is just as passionate about NASCAR as ever.

“What got me hooked to NASCAR? My daddy, Big Daddy Nixon out of Parkton, N.C. was a giant NASCAR fan,” said Mojo. “And he took me to Hillsborough, Okefenokee — whatever it’s called (actually Occoneechee Speedway) and I saw Richard Petty race in the dirt. Richard Petty and Wendell Scott — Wendell Scott’s from my hometown of Danville, Va. — and I’ve been a NASCAR fan ever since. That was 1967 or ’68.”

Nixon, a regular at West Coast NASCAR races, likes the Sonoma Road Course because the increasingly rough racing reminds him of the short tracks he went to as a kid.

“I like it when they knock each other into the dirt, when Kurt Busch gets mad at Jimmie Johnson and vice-versa,” said Nixon. “I predict this race won’t be won on gas mileage, it will be won on testicular fortitude.”

Not surprisingly, Nixon loves Martinsville, Bristol and Richmond, NASCAR’s three short tracks. “The shorter the track, the closer they are together, the more they run into each other, the greater the chance there’ll be a fistfight in the infield,” he said.

Nixon wants the boys to keep having at it.

“Can’t we get, like, Dale Jr. and Kurt Busch to have a fistfight?” Nixon wondered. “Good guy, bad guy! C’mon!”