Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Even The TV

An artist’s rendering of the new "Big Hoss TV" planned for the 2014 season.

Size matters and so do bragging rights. 

Especially in Texas. 

When the Dallas Cowboys began playing in AT&T Stadium, the team boasted that it had the "world’s largest high-definition LED video displays" with two center-hung sideline displays that are each 160 feet wide and 72 feet tall, with 11,393 square feet of display area. 

Well, Texas Motor Speedway is about to make the screens at AT&T look like the one in a portable DVD player. Next year, TMS will debut "Big Hoss TV," which will stand 125 feet above the ground and weigh 108 tons. More importantly, it will have 20,633.64 square feet of HD display, 79 percent larger than either of the video boards at the football stadium. 

TMS’ new Panasonic video board will be even bigger than the 16,000-square-foot display at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Interestingly — though probably not surprisingly — seven of the world’s 50 largest video displays are in Texas. 

Look for the new gargantuan video screen next year, starting with the April 3-6, 2014, NASCAR weekend.