Calling Jr. Nation: The Diet Mountain Dew ‘Dale Call’ can soon be yours

Soon, you'll be able to own your very own "Dale Call."

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

"It’s my Dale call."

By now, you have probably seen the Diet Mountain Dew commercial where two duck hunters sit in the grass, trying their best to rally some ducks for the hunt. After a lackluster result from a traditional duck call, the second hunter pulls out his "Dale call" and blows.

Instead of the traditional duck noise, the roar of a Sprint Cup engine emanates from the device as Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s No. 88 Diet Mountain Dew Chevrolet flies from the grass, doing donuts and sending the birds flying in all directions.

Well, soon you could own your very own "Dale call."

Wednesday afternoon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took to his Twitter to tell his fans they would be available around September or October. 

The ability to summon Dale Jr. on command? What more could Jr. Nation wish for?