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Pencils ready! It's fun with NASCAR numbers

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you were told there would be no math. Wrong! Tom Jensen breaks down the stats behind some of the sport's most famous numbers.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you were told there would be no math.


This is NASCAR, which is all about numbers.

As a public service, we're going to have a very quick math lesson on NASCAR Sprint Cup car numbers.

Pay attention and you might be able to use this information to win a bar bet or two.

Car number on winning car in first NASCAR Strictly Stock race:

No. 12 - Jim Roper, Charlotte Speedway, June 12, 1949.

Top 5 car numbers with most Sprint Cup race victories:

No. 11 - 203 wins

No. 43 - 198

No. 3 - 97

No. 21 - 91

No. 24 - 88

Drivers who have won a Sprint Cup race in the No. 21:

18 different drivers, most of any number.

They are:

David Pearson, 43 wins in No. 21

Cale Yarborough, 13

Neil Bonnett, 9

Marvin Panch, 8

A.J. Foyt, 4

Speedy Thompson, 2

Harold Kite, Tim Flock, Tiny Lund, Elliott Sadler, Glen Wood, Buddy Baker, Donnie Allison, Curtis Turner, Morgan Shepherd, Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett and Trevor Bayne, 1 each.

Drivers who have won at least 10 races in the No. 11:

Cale Yarborough, 55

Ned Jarrett, 49

Darrell Waltrip, 43

Denny Hamlin, 23

Junior Johnson, 11

Fewest starts by any car number between 1-99:

The No. 65 has only appeared in 93 Sprint Cup races, never winning.

And here's the fun one:

Richard Petty's No. 43 is one of the most iconic car numbers in NASCAR history. But a total of four different car numbers have been driven to victory 43 times each in the Sprint Cup Series.

They are:

No. 5

No. 15

No. 20

No. 92