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'Trump' trucker takes wrong turn out of pits at Atlanta

Until and probably even after Friday, Korbin Forrister was best known as the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver who plastered "Trump for President" on his No. 08 Chevrolet last summer.

But he also raised some eyebrows Friday when the steering mechanism in his truck apparently malfunctioned during practice for this Saturday's Truck Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway as he was attempting to drive off pit road.

It caused Forrister to take a hard right turn out of the pits instead of onto the track. And in NASCAR, except for those rare occasions when races are being run on road courses, hard right turns usually don't work out too well. In Forrister's case, he ended up nearly running into another truck and rolled to a stop just inches from the outside wall.

Forrister isn't in the news in NASCAR very often. In 28 career NCWTS starts, his best finish is 12th at Dayton in the 2015 season opener — one of just three top-15 finishes he's had.

But he was in the news last summer when he decided to show his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for seven races in a row when his truck otherwise lacked a primary sponsor. Trump was not behind Forrister's efforts.

"I support Donald Trump and what he is trying to do," Forrister told at the time. "A large majority of the response we received was positive, there was some negativity, but we expected that. It's my decision. ...

"I believe that Trump speaks the truth and it's my right to show my support for his campaign. He's kind of going at it on his own and that's the way I approach a lot of things."

Though Trump may be glad he wasn't on board with Forrister on Friday for this wild and unexpected ride.


Korbin Forrister driving the 'Trump for President' truck last summer at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Brian Lawdermilk