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Alyssa Milano and Jay Mohr bury hatchet after NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards beef

After calling out comedian Jay Mohr for "fat shaming" her, actress Alyssa Milano and the host of the this year's NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards Ceremony are friends once again. See how they reconciled.

Chris Graythen / NASCAR

As you remember, comedian Jay Mohr made waves last month with a Danica Patrick joke during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards in Las Vegas. Now, he's making waves again ... this time with actress Alyssa Milano.  

Here's what happened. Last month, Milano was also in attendance at the NASCAR awards ceremony. After the event (during a radio interview), Mohr reportedly made a few jokes about her appearance and post-baby weight ... and Milano found out.

Twitter exploded on Mr. Mohr. He felt bad and apologized.

And it looks like everyone is friends once again.