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NASCAR Sprint Cup Power Rankings

Week3 Power rankings

Jeff Owens,
Posted January 27, 2011 12:59 PM EST
Where does your favorite driver rank in's Power Rankings at the end of the 2010 NASCAR season? See below

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Jimmie Johnson

0 - 1/6
Horseshoe? He don't need no stinking horseshoe. JJ laughed at critics who called him lucky at California, then pulled a fast one on teammate Jeff Gordon in Vegas.
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Kevin Harvick

0 1 1/16
Says his team can run with Johnson's 48, and they know it. He might be cocky, but right now he's backing it up.
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Mark Martin

0 1 2/19
Sly old Martin is just riding around, clicking off top-fives and setting the youngsters up for a fall. He'll have the points lead by April.
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Clint Bowyer

0 1 4/15
The new Mr. Consistency has three top-10s in three races. He looks like the driver everyone thought Denny Hamlin was going to be this year.
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Matt Kenseth

0 2 2/13
This is the guy Johnson and everyone else better worry about. With one of the best coaches/cheerleaders in the sport on his pit box, Kenseth looks like a contender again.
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Greg Biffle

0 - 3/14
The Biff has bought a dirt track in Oregon. He hopes to lure the competition up there for some midweek fun. You know, distract them a little.
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Jeff Gordon

0 7 2/14
Jeff's been working out with a personal trainer. He may need a therapist after that two-tire pit stop last week.
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Jeff Burton

0 4 4/14
RCR is well on its way to putting all three drivers in the Chase again.
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Joey Logano

0 8 9/20
The Kid is knocking on the door of the top five. Who would have thought he'd be the best Gibbs driver this year?
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Tony Stewart

0 3 3/18
Stewart the driver finally showed a bit of speed at Las Vegas, but Stewart the owner needs to fix Ryan Newman's 39 team.
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Carl Edwards

0 1 3/18
He's getting tips from Kenseth on how to change diapers. Maybe he needs setup notes while he's at it.
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Kyle Busch

0 3 1/13
Had the fastest car at Las Vegas - on pit road. This team keeps shooting itself in the foot. Hey, at least he apologized.
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Kurt Busch

0 5 2/15
Vegas native may be looking for a hit man after getting caught in the middle of the McMurray-Montoya dust-up.
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David Reutimann

0 4 13/20
Just hanging around the top 10, hoping it rains.
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Jamie McMurray

0 3 6/20
Signed McDonald's sponsorship and did his version of The Drive-Thru on his teammate at Vegas. All that good karma over winning the Daytona 500 is now gone.
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Juan Pablo Montoya

0 5 4/20
Angry Montoya won't be eating any more Big Macs after McMurray took him out. Does "Boys, have at it" apply to teammates?
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Kasey Kahne

0 1 9/19
Found a shovel in the desert and began to dig himself out of a big hole with ninth-place run at Vegas.
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Dale Earnhardt Jr.

0 1 10/20
"It's pretty f***ing easy" to run 16th every week.
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Scott Speed

0 1 15/20
Has led three straight races. He's going to steal one with his wacky pit strategy, and then laugh all the way to his pedicurist.
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Denny Hamlin

0 5 1/20
Wonder how he feels about being outrun by Logano and ranked behind Scott Speed?
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