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Which Road should we go to for the next Shut Up & Drive episode?

Highway 89

1. THE TWISTED SISTERS (Texas Hill Country)

Full of twists, switchbacks, on the Nueces River (pronounced New-Aces) this ranch rd. 335 is a must with beautiful scenery in the mountains of Texas. Ranch Roads 335, 336,337a

This route has quite a few twists and turns, passing over large hills, but is still very well paved. This roller coaster ride will no doubt blow you away. Also, the road is not heavily voyaged which is ideal for travelling. This route isn't going to is known for its scenery and road quality. There are some very nice pullouts though, so one can stop and enjoy the long vistas. For a refreshing summertime swim, there is a swimming hole in the Frio River.

Port Imperial Street Circuit


Mulholland Highway is one of the most famous, scenic roads in America that winds above the homes of numerous Hollywood stars. It was made famous by the likes of Steve McQueen and James Dean. With very spirited drives, big elevation changes it is a twisty and challenging road. It runs approximately 50 miles through the western Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu near and the Pacific Ocean coast.

Nevada US Highway 50

3. The Road to Nowhere (Nevada)

It extends from Canada to “Old Mexico.” “The Road to Nowhere,” is clearly subjective and in other’s opinions should be called “The Road to everywhere.” The route navigates some of the widest and largest array of landscapes in the country. Yet on US-83 you might also take in some phenomenal country: verdant farmland dotted with truly small towns, endlessly shifting prairie grassland, winding Missouri River roadways, and plain, isolated, where-the-hell-am-I agricultural expanses.