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NASCAR 167 43 Carl Edwards' NASCAR feuds 11489136 Bad Boy Bad+Boy+ NASCAR

Carl Edwards is quickly becoming public enemy No. 1 in NASCAR circles. After all, hee has shown a knack for mixing it up with competitors at and away from the racing surface in recent years.

Who’s been in his crosshairs? Here’s a look at some of the feuds he’s been involved in.

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NASCAR 167 43 Carl Edwards' NASCAR feuds 11489052 Carl Edwards vs. Kevin Harvick (2008-present) Carl+Edwards+vs.+Kevin+Harvick+%282008-present%29 NASCAR

This one has it all – on-track wrecks, a continuing war of words, and oh yes, even an old-style donnybrook in the garage.

Harvick and Edwards compete with each other in the Nationwide and Cup series on a regular basis, perhaps making a confrontation between the two highly-volatile drivers inevitable. And sure enough, things exploded in late 2008 when Edwards caused a 12-car wreck at Talladega (see Edwards vs. Greg Biffle) which took out Harvick. The two rivals traded barbs in the media and then had a scuffle in the garage a week later.

Since then, neither driver has missed the opportunity to insult the other – as evidenced by comments made in March of 2010 when Harvick called out his rival for being “a fake.” (Edwards retaliated by calling Harvick “a bad person.”)

NASCAR 167 43 Carl Edwards' NASCAR feuds 11489058 Carl Edwards vs. Brad Keselowski (Present) Carl+Edwards+vs.+Brad+Keselowski+%28Present%29 NASCAR

Edwards and Keselowski just seem incapable of playing nice with one another, even after a sit-down with NASCAR following a horrific looking crash at Atlanta. That followed, of course, the horrifying crash at Talladega Superspeedway, though that one went without blame being placed by either driver.

Atlanta was different. Angered by Keselowski chipping away at him throughout the race, and blaming him for the crash that took several laps of work on his car, Edwards returned to the track and spun Keselowski, causing his car to flip and crash. The pair met with NASCAR officials and the issues seemed to have been buried – at least from public eye. That was until Saturday night at Gateway. Battling for the win on the final lap, Keselowski leaned on Edwards and forced him out of his line. Edwards responded by spinning Keselowski just before the finish line, taking the win as Keselowski’s car took repeated hits from competitors.


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NASCAR 167 43 Carl Edwards' NASCAR feuds 11489224 Carl Edwards vs. Greg Biffle (2008-09) Carl+Edwards+vs.+Greg+Biffle+%282008-09%29+ NASCAR

Edwards may not have confronted Greg Biffle in the same manner he did their teammate Kenseth, but make no mistake – tempers flared after three separate incidents between the drivers.

The catalyst of this feud was a 12-car Talladega Superspeedway wreck in October 2008 which was triggered when Edwards tapped Biffle – effectively ending the title chances for both drivers (as well as Kenseth, who also got caught up in the wreck). After a very public apology from Edwards, things settled down until May of 2009, when Biffle sent Edwards into the wall during the Sprint Cup race at Darlington – leading Edwards to joke, “That’s nice of my teammate to wreck me.”

There’s been more hard racing between the two in both Cup and Nationwide Series competition, but the dust appears to have settled for now.

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NASCAR 167 43 Carl Edwards' NASCAR feuds 11489225 Carl Edwards vs. Kyle Busch (2008) Carl+Edwards+vs.+Kyle+Busch+%282008%29 NASCAR

It’s clear that neither of these drivers is really great at backing down from a potential showdown, so it’s almost expected that they would tangle. Fiery and aggressive, the pair find themselves battling for position in both Cup and Nationwide races. In 2008, they were both on top of their games and hungering for the championship – a prime formula for emotion to take over.

Things came to a head at Bristol, where Edwards pushed Busch out of the way en route to the win. After the race, Busch pushed his car against Edwards’ Ford to note his displeasure. Edwards responded by spinning out Busch’s car. They were both placed on probation by NASCAR officials – and spent the next week trying to downplay the incident.

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NASCAR 167 43 Carl Edwards' NASCAR feuds 11489208 Carl Edwards vs. Matt Kenseth (2007) Carl+Edwards+vs.+Matt+Kenseth+%282007%29 NASCAR

Edwards’ feuds aren’t restricted to rivals.

His memorable tangle with Roush Fenway Racing teammate Matt Kenseth began during a Nationwide Series race at Kansas Speedway and climaxed a few weeks later after a Sprint Cup race at Martinsville – when, after making contact twice during the race, Edwards shoved Kenseth and feigned a punch while his teammate was conducting a postrace interview with SPEED TV. Despite claims of Edwards’ “erratic” behavior in the coming days, the two teammates publicly put things behind them shortly thereafter.

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